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Spreekt U Nederlands?

During Jason's trip to Europe he accidently brought the keys from his Spanish Airbnb to Amsterdam, so he had to mail them back at a local post office. After initially questioning the legitimacy of the Amsterdam postal service by the way the office looked and seeing the keys being put in what seemed to be an old bagel box to be shipped, his instincts were correct because it’s now one week later and the package has yet to arrive to Barcelona. The transit and tracking information also haven’t updated since he originally received the number, and conveniently all of the customer service representatives only speak Dutch. The nice Spanish Airbnb lady is getting a little antsy and Jason doesn’t blame her. All he wants to do is make sure the package arrives and maintain his good rating. Calling all expert translators, Jason needs your help.  



You may have noticed Deb has yet to post anything on social media about George’s passing. Why? She has already been feeling guilty about him being gone so soon and just simply doesn’t want to bear any negativity or malicious comments. As Deb was finally ready to read and respond to all the sweet comments about George and wishing Deb the best during this time, of course one person felt the need to shame Deb for allowing him to be an outside cat. If you’ve met or even heard Deb describe George, he’s always been adventurous and he loved to be outside. Deb’s last cat, Charlie, was a shy in-side cat, and she realized from early on George was the complete opposite.

Deb knew her Georgie well, and as the best mum a cool cat could have, why shame her and try to spread negativity? She already has to go home every day knowing her street was more alive with George in it. Everyone knew his name, and he loved everyone. So from now on, let’s just try not to be dicks, yeah?


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Sooo, I haven’t posted in a while. Just FYI baby Braidy is doing great as is little Alfie. The sad news is, my sweet little George is gone. George the cat was a one in a million. He was an absolute gem. So funny and playful, so cute and silly. He was Alfie’s bffffffff. They used to play for hours in my house and in my neighbour’s front garden. Everyone on my street knew him, knew his name, and delighted in the visits he thrust upon them daily. He united our street with his beautiful and kind demeanor. On Monday night, before I could call him in, somebody hit him with their car and drove off. Luckily for me, a lovely lady saw the whole thing and knocked on doors until she found someone who knew George. They were my neighbours and friends Alan and Terri. They took George and laid him down in a blanket. Alerted by different neighbours, I went outside to find my still warm, but very dead Georgie. My friends helped me take him home, where I got to hold him until he no longer felt like an alive animal. It was horrible but so good to be able to see him and say goodbye. To the haters: yes, I know that outside cats like less long than inside cats. Yes, I know the dangers of letting your cat put. Trust me, I am not just an animal lover: I am an animal advocate. So I do not want to hear that “if only I’d kept him inside, he’d still be alive”. I know this. But would he have been the George that we all knew and loved? Would be have been happy? Would his life have been fulfilled? I don’t k ow for sure but I do know this: George the cat LOVED being outside. It was who he was. I totally regret his death, and myself and my boyfriend are grieving HARD. Please give us some space and peace during this awful time. I loved George so much and will never be the same without him. Thank you for your messaoof love and support. I love you all. And to the people who have been through this and who may go through this in the future, I love you too. Love to all of our pets, past, present and future. ❤️ #adoptdontshop #straypetsarethebest #ifyouhitananimalpleasestop #thanktou

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Today we called Dutch Market in Schuylkill Haven, PA to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. As Dutch Market described, “A British lady or something just got back from Amsterdam and is asking about the food”. Apparently, Dutch cuisine consist of subs and hot meals. We think something may have been lost in translation, but Dutch Market had no love for Deb today and she got butt-slammed.



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Privacy concerns using the new viral “FaceApp” question if Russians are using the application to quietly keep data.

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