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Sorry About Your Face

Jason got hit by a softball on Monday and now has two black eyes. Could this be karma for laughing at Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Mathews for getting hit in the face at a charity softball game? In Jason’s case it was not a fastball hit right at him, but just a routine field pop up he easily should have caught. It wasn’t even that the sun was in his face. He just blew it. Despite his injuries he was still able to hit an off-the-wall double in the next inning. Next time Jason, get your glove up. Check out the gruesome injury photos on our photos page.



Today’s That Guy was Doesn’t Invite You To Be On Their Basketball Team Even Though You Have Invited Them Onto Your Softball Team Guy. Jason found out from a softball teammates that there was a 101X basketball team group e-mail going around that he was not invited to join. When Jason originally started the 101X softball team he invited everyone in the building to try out, even if they sucked. Never mind that Jason is in terrible basketball shape, and has not played since he severely rolled his ankle years ago. He is still butthurt he was not invited.



Every Wednesday listener and friend Dave B goes back to find hidden gems from Jason’s twitter past and he reads them on the radio. Today we rediscovered two tweets from way back about Jason working out at the gym.




Every day we let a listener challenge Jason in a trivia topic of their choice to see if they can outsmart the self-proclaimed smartest person you know. During today’s episode listener Chad picked the category famous dogs and breeds. Unfortunately Chad and Jason could not get a single famous dog or their breed correct, although ultimately Chad defeated Jason in the tie breaker about how many followers Boo the Pomeranian has on Facebook.



Each week we play a game where Nick inputs a word or phrase into Google and Deb and Jason try to guess what the number one prediction Google suggested.  Deb started off strong guessing Hank Williams Jr, while Jason only got a quarter point for just Hank Williams. Going into the last one Jason needed the number one answer to beat Deb.  Sadly he failed to come up with how do you know you’re in love, and Deb took home the victory for listener Scott.



Today we called Harris Teeter Pharmacy in Baltimore to see they had anything any Arnica cream for Jason’s bruised face.  At first the lady seemed like she didn’t know what Deb was taking about, but eventually she was able to find some for Deb.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any love for Deb and she got buttslammed. Ouch.



Every day we ask Deb questions about a random topic for a listener’s chance to win tickets. Today’s topic was famous broken noses. Deb did know which Brady Bunch daughter broke her nose after being hit in the face with a football, and she knew whose nose Ben Stiller broke playing water volleyball in Meet The Parents. Congrats to listener Michael who won Frank Turner tickets.



Wal-Mart is giving out free frozen pizzas to their customers today.

A Minnesota woman’s family absolutely savaged her in her obituary for abandoning them years ago.

Roseanne got offered $150,000 to do a BBW adult film

And sadly, designer Kate Spade was found dead in her New York apartment.



Donald Trump uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles from celebrating their Super Bowl win at the White House.

And both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors announced neither team will visit the White House if they win the NBA Finals.

Giannis Antetokounmpo tried his first corn dog… and LOVED IT!



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