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Refuses To Admit He Is Wrong Guy, Don't Be That Guy

I’m sure you all know that guy, and today he was sitting right across from Jason.

Yesterday, while Jason was doing a live commercial, producer Nick reached his arm across the console in front of his face to pass him a note. In case you haven’t already realized, That Guy is Nick.

As you may know from past live commercial hick-ups, like the professional he is, Jason has to focus while reading his scripts. The commercials are usually only sixty seconds long, so Jason wondered why Nick decided to pass him a note about a segment that was two hours away. Of course Jason reprimanded Nick, but after he explained why it wasn’t cool in an un-diva talent way, Nick just responded “Really?” Then he passed Jason another note that said “Don’t look at this during the commercial.” Although Nick admitted he usually deflects when he is wrong, he was still being That Guy during the segment.

Most importantly, now you know. Do not pass Jason any sticky notes, and don’t be That Guy.


Listen to the complete That Guy segment below.



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