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Deb Discovers Downtown Round Rock

Deb is only familiar with the small Round Rock grid, so she ventured down south Mays street to get out of traffic and discovered downtown Round Rock.  When she stopped at a light to look further into this hidden gem she saw some bars, restaurants, a guy with a cool hat and a chick with some tattoos. There were hip and cool people and places all around and it even looked really fun. Deb wondered, is this a place to party? First Circle C and now this. Maybe Deb will start venturing out of her Austin bubble more often.



Although Jason and Deb "pretended" to forget about producer Nick’s birthday, we can’t forget that today is his cake day! Have fun with your Squeezed juice cleanse and getting an oil change later on. Today is your day man, and we’ll even let you hold court.





Deb had to go get the pills to start Blue’s chemotherapy treatment yesterday and the thought alone made her feel sick to her stomach.  

She usually gives him pills with a meatloaf-like covering, but as she was preparing his chemo pills the gloves and extensive precautions started to worry her.

Initially Deb thought it would be better that she was giving Blue boy his pills at home, but even the preparation instructions warned about touching the pills with her bare hands or what he licks after consumption.

At least it was all over quickly. Blue scarfed down his loaf and fell sound asleep as Deb watched over him for the next couple of hours.



Today we called Rubber Bubbles Balloon and Party in Berlin, Vermont to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You. Deb started the conversation by explaining that she was looking for balloons for a celebration of Saints’ Drew Brees becoming NFL's all-time passing leader. Rubber Bubbles Balloon and Party had the fancy Saints logo balloons and plenty of deals on colored balloon but unfortunately, they had no love for Deb today.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Today’s famous baseball player cameos in movies or other things trivia ended on a tiebreaker. Listen and play along. 

Whose Tweet Is It AnywaysListen to today’s Twitter game. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s famous football plays trivia.



Taylor Swift on stage at a performance

Stormy Daniels regrets 'body shaming' Donald Trump, Bill Cosby was reportedly slapped with a chicken patty in prison, and Taylor Swift’s endorsement of the Democrats sparks fury amongst the far right.



Drew Bees of the New Orleans Saints on the field in uniform

The New Orleans Saints beat the Washington Redskins forty-three to nineteen, Saints Drew Brees passes Peyton Manning as NFL's all-time passing leader, the Houston Astros swept the Cleveland Indians eleven to three, and the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees sixteen to one.

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