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Something Is Missing

Deb started the first step in making sure nothing has changed in the structure of Blue’s back and had to take him to get his CT scan redone yesterday. Last night, she got an early night’s rest so the time would past by quickly with his absence, but today the studio was feeling empty without Blue boy. Who knew Jason would miss those trademark farts so much. We're wishing you all the best Blue!


#WBTWD (and Blue)

Listener @pineappletime also designed a pin with a picture of Blue after hearing about his cancer diagnosis. Fancy's Enamel Pins are on sale for just $20, and proceeds help dog owners pay for chemo treatments for their dogs.

CLICK HERE for more information.



Today we called Cabot Farmers' Store in Waterbury, Vermont to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb started out the conversation by asking if they have any interactive tours or sampling. After being on hold for so long we almost forgot they were on the line, Cabot Farmers' Store said they have a Cabot history wall and samplings for twenty-two different cheeses. Cabot Farmers' Store was worth the wait, because they told Deb I Love You Too.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s Presidential campaign slogans trivia. 

Rotten Tomatoes- Can you guess what the review aggregator will rate? Listen and play along to today’s Rotten Tomatoes Game. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s NFL cameos trivia. 



A guy taking a selfie before the game

Jeff Bezos dethroned Bill Gates on Forbes’ wealthiest American list after twenty-four years, selfie-related deaths are increasing with young people taking more risks. India had one-hundred and fifty-nine selfie-related deaths, and the US has had fourteen reports. Damon Wayans says that he is leaving Fox’s “Lethal Weapon.”



The New York Yankees defeat the Oakland Athletics seven to two and will advance to ALDS to face the Boston Red Sox, the 2018-19 NBA GM Survey predict that the Warriors will win the title, and Lakers' LeBron James will wins MVP, Fans say they are just fine without Longhorns sideline gimmicks, Baker Mayfield says the Oklahoma Sooners are going to beat the Texas Longhorns during this weekend’s Red River Showdown, and Alabama’s Nick Saban remains the highest paid coach.


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