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There's A Cat On The Roof


It’s been a fun experience for Deb chasing around and learning about her little friend George O’Keefe. Adventure George has been growing up right before Deb’s eyes, and recently he’s been seeking out some daring escapades. As soon as there’s a crack in the door, he’s out like a bullet, but this has become a little stressful for Deb lately because recently, he’s discovered new territory other than Deb’s yard. Usually George likes to hide under cars or play his version of “hide and seek” with Deb. She knew little George could easily climb up trees, but yesterday she discovered he’s climbing ten-foot fences and even higher roof tops!

Jason advised Deb to just not let him outside since it makes her nervous, but she knows he likes to play both in and outside. Deb decided to get George a cat harness to see if that will ease her worries. Hopefully, she can protect George from getting eaten by a fox, coyote, raccoon, possum or any other animal out there without making him mean by keeping him cooped up in the house.






This weekend, Jason and Producer Nick went to a party down in south Austin-almost Buda. Since they knew they would be drinking and it was a long ways from home, Jason arranged for his “love interest” to be their designated driver, but as soon as they got into the car Nick started holding court with Jason’s lady. Well, this was Jason’s point of view.

He also questioned, if your friend is working on a new relationship, shouldn’t you possibly tone down the funny? Maybe the Dickman’s main issue was with his “romantic interest’s” comment that Nick was so funny he should have his own show, but Jason clarified he didn’t think Nick was flirting.

In Nick’s defense, he said he was just being friendly and his usual comical-self. Although, Jason said the “Nick Hajda Show” didn’t come out until he was amongst Jason and his new leading lady.

We tweeted a poll just to make sure there was no “bias” for Jason nor Nick after hearing the story, and the listeners voted; Jason Dick is the A-Hole.




Today we called Handy’s Lunch in Burlington, Vermont. Deb started off by asking if they served breakfast, and they don’t serve it past noon, but Handy’s Lunch was eager to accommodate Deb and offered up their all day egg sandwich special. They even offered to keep the griddle hot if she wanted to stop by for some pancakes. On top of offering up breakfast after noon, Handy’s Lunch had all the love for Deb today and said I Love You Too.

In case you’re counting, that’s two in row! Deb is on fire.



Jason and Deb Countdown to ACL Fest header

Jason and Deb are counting down to the start of Austin City Limits Music Festival this Friday morning! Hang out with them from 6 AM - 10 AM at Republic Square (the official ACL shuttle pick up) for the chance to win their last pair of 3-day weekend one passes to the festival along with some official ACL Late Night show tickets.

Just three days away! CLICK HERE for more details.



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Netflix on a laptop screen

Netflix introduces interactive TV where viewers can pick the outcome, a Midwife warns that cold weather causes 'winter vagina', and a new Oxford University study says that three-day weekends would make people happier and more productive.



 Members of the Milwaukee brewers celebrate after beating the Chicago Cubs in the National League Tiebreaker Game at Wrigley Field on October 1, 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs is now 4-0 after their twenty-seven to twenty-three win over the Denver Broncos, Le'Veon Bell will reportedly rejoin the Steelers during week seven, Boston Celtics's Kyrie Irving apologizes for saying the Earth is flat, and the 2018 MLB playoffs bracket is set after Brewers versus Dodgers win in the division tiebreaker.


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