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Pop Over Guy, Don’t Be That Guy

To Jason, the pop over is part of an age old debate. You may like the pop over, but he hates the pop over. Jason has known Pop Over Guy for a very long time, and even enjoyed the outcome of the sudden visit, but don’t be That Guy.

As Jason was getting ready for softball, he heard the door ring, a woman’s voice and saw the culprit trying to turn the door knob.

He first wondered if it may be a roommate’s girlfriend without a key, but turns out it was his co-worker behind the door who just decided to pop up.

Apparently her daughter has a class in the neighborhood and she had some time to kill, so after getting Jason’s address from his Labor Day pool party, she just decided to stop by.

That Guy is Jason’s longtime co-worker of eighteen years and he even considers them to be friends, but how long does it take to reach the level of “pop-overable” friend for Jason?

That Guy ended up coming with Jason’s softball game, and to be fair, Jason later realized she did call… about thirty seconds in advance. Even after eighteen long years, Pop Over Guy, don’t be That Guy.



Later today, Deb has a hot Bumble date and high hopes.

Unlike the rest of the “Bumblinis” Deb has matched with recently, this guy seems interesting and funny, so today he has graduated from messaging to an afternoon date.

Deb plans on getting together for a casual drink at her usual Bumble date meet up spot around the corner. And per her dating app rule of thumb, it’s just a small date and one drink but of course she has a backup plan.  

Later on tonight, Deb has other plans of attending a movie screening and wouldn’t mind bringing a date.

So, Deb gave her date a conditional invite to her back up plan, but the condition is they have to have good chemistry and the initial date needs to go well.  

Deb has a good feeling about this one, but hopefully he passes the first test before she is forced to revoke his movie screening plus one.



Deb holding CBD oils from Grand Ave Pharmacy

After this morning’s confusion about CBD oil in 8am news about Coca-Cola considering cannabis-infused drinks, Grand Ave Pharmacy in Pflugerville, TX stopped by with some samples.

Thank you Grand Ave Pharmacy for bringing by CBD oils for the whole crew!

 If you’re looking for CBD oil or want more information, visit the Grand Ave Pharmacy website for more information.



Today we called Shoe Fly Frederick in Baltimore, MD to see if they had any gigantic shoe sizes. Deb started off the conversation by asking about the largest size of men’s shoes they carry. And in addition to Nick from Shoe Fly Frederick’s lengthy explanation of why he loves those shoes with the soles that feel like you’re walking on wet sand, he also had a bit of love for Deb today. Shoe Fly Frederick told Deb likewise, so we’ll just count that as a “You Too”. Deb didn’t totally get butt slammed.  



Are You Smarter Than Jason DickListen to today’s Shawshank Redemption trivia. 

Rotten Tomatoes GamePlay along and listen to today’s game of “how do you like them tomatoes”. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About FootballListen to today’s vaguely related to the recent Family Feud episode with NFL players so we can play the trips again, trivia.



After the release of Heinz’s Mayochup, the internet thinks it should have been named Tamayo instead, adult film star, Stormy Daniels, shares details of alleged affair with President Trump which includes a detailed description of Trumps genitalia, and Coca-Cola is looking to make a move into the weed business with cannabis-infused drinks.



FanDuel declines to honor an eighty-two thousand dollar payout caused by a glitch from an in-game pricing system, according to a new book on Bill Belichick's life, Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady reveals he felt trapped this past offseason, Texas announces they are moving the student section in DKR and are changing the seating policy, and Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy lets out hilarious response in a round of Fast Money on Family Feud.


Check out Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy’s VERY candid Fast Money response.


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