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Can’t Take A Compliment Guy, Don’t Be That Guy. If you are a fan of a good Nick and Dick therapy sesh, this one is for you. This morning after Jason gave producer Nick “coaching” on his sports cast hosting techniques, he followed up with a compliment on his producering of the morning show. Of course Nick just thought this was an attempt to belittle him, although Deb was in the room and said Jason actually seemed genuine. Whether you’re Can’t Take A Compliment Guy or Refuses To Accept Constructive Criticism Guy, don’t be That Guy.


Naturally this led to another argument about who says the most hurtful things on the show. You voted, and here are the final results.



Deb has a slight problem feeding the O’Keefe boys, and needs some pet owner advice. George and Alfie both have separate wet and dry, cat and dog meals, but Deb usually tries to feed George first. Although George gets his food first, as soon as he is finished he has been going straight over to Alfie’s doggie food for a taste. Also, over the weekend while Deb was in San Antonio, Alfie came back with stomach issues from eating cat food. Is it common for cats and dogs to want to share food? And if so, what is the difference in ingredients?

Listen to the full segment below.



This paper must be Alfie’s choice of early morning protein! At least he won’t have to share. George definitely won’t want a piece of this.





Today we called Dogs & Cats Rule in Princeton, NJ to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb was looking for some edgy clothes for Alfie, and Dogs & Cats Rule had plenty of clothes that would fit a Frenchie pup perfectly. Dogs & Cats Rule had a lot to offer Alfie, but they were all out of love for Deb and she got butt-slammed.  



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s homonyms trivia.

$7 Worth Of Hoobastank- Play along and listen to today’s Set List Game.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to this morning’s notable bad weather football games trivia.



A lady on a couch watching Netflix.

A guy accidently proposed to his girlfriend after taking Ambien.

A new survey revealed that only twenty percent of Americans can name last year’s Oscar Best Picture winner.

Netflix raises the prices on all of its subscription plans.



Austin is officially getting its first Major League Soccer team.


The Golden State Warriors break the franchise record by scoring fifty-one points in the first quarter versus the Denver nuggets. The Warriors won the game against the Nuggets 142 to 111.

Kansas City weather forecasts predict brutally cold temperatures in the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Chiefs.

Seventh-grade quarterback Isaiah Marshall receives a scholarship offer from Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh.


Texas baseball coach David Pierce says David Hamilton's season-ending Achilles' heel injury was due to a scooter accident.


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