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Today we welcomed comedian Hannibal Buress to the show! In case you missed it, we weren’t pulling a prank on you all. Jason, Deb and Hannibal discussed his upcoming Austin show, Jason’s Chicago Airbnb dilemma (see below for context), and played an impromptu game of Let’s Talk Talkies.

Find out how Hannibal scored playing the IMDB game about the movies he’s been featured in, and if he was able to help Jason find a place to stay in Chicago, on the 9am Podcast.

Click here to listen.

In case you’re wondering about Hannibal’s scene in ‘Neighbors’ that Jason couldn’t remember, check out the proof in the clip below.


It’s not too late to see Hannibal’s Austin show! Find more information about his performance at ACL Live and buy tickets here. 



Trip update: Riot Fest has still not released an official lineup and Jason may not have anywhere to stay in Chicago.

In case you’re not all caught up, Jason has been having some doubt about his Airbnb stay after the host didn’t message him back over the weekend. With just two days before his flight, Jason contacted Airbnb support about the situation, and shortly after, he finally got a response.

To sum it up, the AirBnB host responded that he was sorry about the delayed response, but he has been busy dealing with water issues in the apartment. Just to clarify, the water issues are occurring in the listing Jason booked!

The host also added that he had been having severe water issues for months, and when Jason doubled down on not canceling to make sure his stay is accommodated, he also admitted there will be lots of construction and he also couldn’t promise there will be any running water.

Jason asked for advice for his talk with Airbnb today, and Deb recommended the Dickman to stay tough, be brave and stand his ground.

So far, Airbnb has closed the case since the host responded, but he and Jason are still in a canceling standoff.



Today we called Big Daddy’s in New York to hear about their brunch options. Deb asked Big Daddy’s about their breaktfast, bacon and pancake selection, and although their breakfast options sounded sweet, they had no love for Deb today.



Dreams and reality were a blur last night, because Jason had a weird dream about work.

In his dream, everyone was dressed up and there were celebrities hanging around, so maybe the setting was in a fancy work gala? Deb O’keefe was also in the dream, and she and Jason were oddly backstage amongst Metallica, Alec Baldwin, Andy Wagner and John Mayer before an interview.

While setting up for an interview with Metallica, Jason headed to the bar (even in a dream) and saw not only were there no seats open at the table, but Deb was conducting the interview all by herself. He actually preferred his place at the bar over interviewing anyone at the time, but when he headed over to the table to join Deb and Metallica, he saw John Mayer was the one sitting in his spot!

Now this part is for all of the dream doctors out there, what do you think this means? Specifically, why was John Mayer in his seat?

If you remember, Jason’s ex-wife “married” John Mayer when she was done with the Dickman. After the split, and an encounter after coincidently running into him at a bar, Jason’s ex though she shared a mutual affinity for Mayer, and wrote a book about it.

The amateur doctors chimed in, and speculated the dream must mean Mayer is coming for all the leading ladies in Jason’s life. Look out Deb!



Fantastic Fest poster 2018Win Your Way to Fantastic Fest 2018! 

To win, the rules are simple: read the questions, created by Producer Nick, below then send in your answers to morningx@krox.com. We'll pick the winner that comes closest to the correct answers.

Do you think you guess what indie movies Nick is describing? Click here for more details.




Are You Smarter Than Jason DickCan you believe today’s listener bested Jason three to zip? Click here to listen to today’s legendary creatures trivia.

Don’t Butthurt Me Bro – See if Super Boss knows the real Jason, Deb and Nick.  

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football – Listen to today’s college football mascot trivia.



According to a new study, the average person spends almost three-thousand dollars a year eating out and grabbing coffee, Norm Macdonald facing backlash after Down syndrome joke on Howard Stern, and the top ten highest grossing actors of all time.

Ranked by their box office results, Samuel L. Jackson came in first, Harrison Ford came in second and Robert Downey Jr. fell in third.

Side by side of Samuel L. Jackson, Harrison Ford, and Robert Downey Jr.



Seattle Storm forward Breanna Stewart was named WNBA MVP after leading the team to a sweep against the Washington Mystics in the WNBA Championship, Aaron Rodgers says he wasn't on painkillers Sunday after odd interview, and Jon Gruden saying there's a skunk in Raiders' locker room.

 Breanna Stewart #30 of the Seattle Storm holds up the trophy after the Storm defeated the Washington Mystics 98-82 to win the WNBA Finals at EagleBank Arena on September 12, 2018 in Fairfax, Virginia



Click here to check out who drafted who on the Jason and Deb Fantasy Football Draft.



Hannibal Buress Photo Credit: Marcus Price

Stock Photo Credits: Getty Images 

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