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The Perfect Mix Of Flatulence

Yesterday during sports, Jason played the clip of Mike Gundy making fart noises to describe what he thinks about Twitter, and the rest of the show turned into a farting-frenzy. Of course, producer Nick had to make a remix out of it.


CLICK HERE to listen to the fart song and segment from the 7am Podcast.

(Or, you can just listen to any part of yesterday or today's show for random fart noises and jokes.)



Yesterday while Deb was at the vet with Blue, she ran into a mom and son who were there waiting for their dog who had leukemia. The couple came over to meet Blue and comfort Deb, but while the son was petting Blue, she couldn’t help but notice his engagement ring. The style of the ring was traditional and petite, and it made Deb wonder why all males don’t wear traditional engagement rings. Or, if a guy proposed to his girlfriend and she got him a ring in return, would he wear it? This question reminded Jason of the time they discussed how wedding rings and engagement bands generally mark territory on a woman for a man. Is it normal for men to wear traditional engagement rings?



Today we called Village Party Store in New York, NY to see if Deb can get them to see I Love You Too. Deb started out the conversation by asking about Halloween costume recommendations and Village Party Store said they have plenty of costumes for Deb to try on, including sexy costumes. Although they were happy to help, Village Party Store had no love or Deb and she got butt-slammed.  



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Twitter is reportedly looking to remove the 'Like' button as a way to improve debates.

ABC asks Bob Saget to host Videos After Dark, a ‘Risqué’ America’s Funniest Home Videos for ABC.

Shaun White was criticized for an insensitive Halloween costume.



Side by side of Spurs DeMar DeRozan and Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson

The Cleveland Browns fire head coach Hue Jackson, offensive coordinator Todd Haley and name Gregg Williams the interim coach.

DeMar DeRozan continues to make Spurs history.

Klay Thompson breaks Warriors teammate Steph Curry's NBA single-game three-point record.

The Dallas Cowboys fire their Offensive Lineman coach Paul Alexander.


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