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Takes Another Man’s Wife Out Of Town Guy, Don’t Be That Guy

In case you were unsure of who today's That Guy is reffering to, it’s Jason.

No worries though, Jason and his friend’s wife go way back since youths. The hubby was also invited, but declined his invitation because last time he tagged along he didn't have the best time. Last time they all vacationed with Jason, the couple turned his trip into their honeymoon, so it just works out best that the two besties, Jason and his friend’s wife, go on trips.

On this occasion, Jason and his friend’s wife are fans of Alkaline Trio, so they're traveling to Chicago to see them in concert. This also isn’t their first time going to Chicago to see the trio, and whenever there is a cool performance they usually plan to go. Don’t be alarmed though, they have sleeping arrangements all sorted and there’s never really been any issues or concerns since Jason is close with the couple.   

Although of course, Jason has that one friend that’s always saying stuff about their relationship but knowing Jason, his friend and wife, Deb clarified they’re all weird for even hanging with Jason Dick to begin with, so the situation itself isn’t weird at all.



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