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Orangetheory Fitness Before & After


We have finally reached the conclusion of our Orangetheory Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.  It was guys vs girls - Team Jason VS Team Deb (even though Jason never even set foot in the gym; it was all Team Nick).

The winners of the contest were... Charlie on the girls' side and Joe Stac for the guys.  They're each getting $500! 

An astonishing amount of improvement was made across the board - muscles gained and fat lost - and we're really proud of all the listeners who took part.  Check out the transformations below.  


Before & After - The Guys

Orangetheory Fitness Before & After - The Guys

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Christian S - Before
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Orangetheory Fitness


Before & After - The Girls

Orangetheory Fitness Before & After - The Girls

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Charlie T - Before
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Orangetheory Fitness




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