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One Less Novelty Lady-bit

Yesterday Deb’s friends stopped by to visit, and her friend the physical therapist was showing off his hip surgery scars. With Deb’s hip surgery coming up in just a few weeks, she was interested to see what the scars would look like, but didn’t expect them to be so close to his genitalia. The scars looked like a triangle formation on the side of his hip, so would the area Deb is getting operated on require her to expose her lady bits for the procedure as well?

Deb knows both the surgeon and his assistant pretty well, so she thought about getting prepped and primped if a bunch of strangers were going to see her “hoo-hah”.

Luckily, Deb doesn’t have to take Jason or producer Nick’s advice to get a movie patch cover or merkin (pubic wig), because the lady surgeon assistant texted Deb and assured her that lady bit coverage is her specialty. Sorry guys, this means no green clown wig and one less novelty vagina in this world.



Today we called Sheetz convenience store in Richmond, VA to see if Deb can get them to say I love You Too. Deb started out by asking if she could pull in with her motorhome and get some food, and they had plenty of hot dogs and parking for her mobile RV. Sheetz had plenty of room, food and love for Deb today because she got an I Love You Too.



Incase you were playing along to DJ Dickman Bastille Mashup, listen to it again on the Jason and Deb Instragram. Congrats to listner Morgan for guessing all of the songs in the correct order. Have fun with your 101X excursion to see Basille in San Antonio! 



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The three-hundred and thirty-four million dollar Powerball jackpot winner from Iowa found her missing ticket on the floor of her sister’s truck.

Google released what each state is searching about Thanksgiving. Texas is amongst the nine other states who Googled “When is Thanksgiving?”.

A new study found that your date may be judging you based on where you live. More than half of people would stop dating someone who lived with their parents. Thirty percent wouldn't date someone who lived more than a half hour away.



Dez Bryant Cowboys

Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant signs with the New Orleans Saints after turning down the Ravens and Browns.

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell was spotted in Pittsburgh playing basketball.

The first-ever Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest will reportedly be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The New England Patriots made their team-issued practice shorts orange to stop players from stealing them.


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