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No, I Can’t Make Your Fantasy Football Draft That Night Guy, Don’t Be That Guy

As commissioner of a fantasy football league, Jason has been planning and organizing draft meet ups. To Jason, this isn’t just a fantasy football draft, but he plans them specifically on the weekends so it’s more like a celebration or fun endeavor. He even tells the guys in advance so they can all make it, but due to life and responsibilities some of his teammates said they would be able to make it. Well, Jason has already had to eliminate two rotten eggs for not being available, because as commissioner, Jason treats his meetings like jury duty. So for future references, if you don’t want to be cut from Jason’s fantasy football league, don’t be That Guy.  



This isn’t officially a DQA, but Deb wants to know if Austin is in a drought. We all know how Deb doesn’t like car washes because of the lines and chaos, but yesterday she tried to take her car to three different washed and they were all closed. To clarify, she didn’t go in the evening and the washes were not self-serve. Deb wants to know, is Austin going through a drought or was it just her weird luck?



Today we called Avril’s Car Wash and Detail in Atlanta, Georgia to see if they were open and could fit Deb in. Avril’s Car Wash quoted Deb a hefty price for a full detail, so she told them she would be coming in to try out a mini detail. Deb was persistent in trying to get Avril’s Car Wash to say I love you but unfortunately they had no love for Deb today.



Take a look at what Producer Nick decided to wear to work today.

Now debuting Producer Nick’s new 80’s-mafia jump suit.

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