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Nick's New Look

After discussing Jason’s right and wrong way to wear a hat earlier this week, producer Nick decided to go out and get himself a new cap. With his hair going through an odd stage, he decided this would be the time to try out a new look. Yesterday Nick went to the mall, and after trying on a couple of sizes he settled on a flex fit cap. He even got a new Super Mario World shirt and another hat for free! Malls are sad, but it’s safe to say Nick is a hat guy now.


While Nick was on his hat adventure he stopped by Plow Burger to officially say it’s not terrible! Speaking of terrible, he went to Terry's Seafood And Chicken also known by Deb as just drive by and get diarrhea.


So far, Nick is okay and he was pretty impressed! 

Nick's Culinary Adventure

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Nick's Culinary Adventure
Nick's Culinary Adventure
  • Nick's Culinary Adventure
  • Nick's Culinary Adventure
Nick's Culinary Adventure...



Get ready for some Bumble real talk! When Jason is on the Bumble app he usually doesn’t go swiping for love, it’s more just for fun when he’s bored. Jason also used to claim to be an accountant, and his profile picture was conveniently a cute photo of him and Silent J. Even after being reprimanded by the Bumble professionals, Jason hasn’t updated a thing. Is this an unacceptable practice for Jason to keep the photo of him and Silent J as his first pic even though he has passed? Lately, since Jason has been back on the Bumble, that’s the first topic people bring up. Deb says this isn’t the worst thing about Jason’s dating app ethics.


Although this, is just cute. Nick has got a new profile pic.



Today Jason and Deb welcomed Adam Carolla on the show to discuss his new stand up special, 'Not Taco Bell Material', based on his autobiography. Check out Adam Carolla’s first ever stand-up comedy special on iTunes or

Check out the stand-up trailer below.  



George and Alfie were playing outside and they introduced Deb to her neighbor’s new cat. Turns out, the neighbors love George and he even let them pick him up and pet him. Deb could just pick him up for five seconds and he would start squirming to get down. Although, when zombie baby, Deb’s San Antonio Guy and now her neighbors picked him up, he was cute, cuddly and had no problem. Maybe it’s jealousy over Alfie, but Deb is his mum, calls him a king and even lets him sleep in the tub. What’s Deb got to do to earn some lovin’ from King George?



Today we called Dogs & Cats Rule in Pennington, NJ to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had a dispensary tub for dogs and cats with paw prints, and they had all the tubs of food she could ever imagine. Too bad Dogs & Cats Rule just had tubs and no love for Deb today because she got butt-slammed.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Play along and listen to today’s Streetfighter character trivia on the 6AM podcast.

I’ll Have What She Is Having- Listen to today’s TV Guide Game on the 7AM podcast.

Does Deb Know Stuff- Listen to today’s what Rocky movie was that from trivia on the 9AM podcast.



A new spring cleaning survey found that the average American has $723 worth of unused items sitting around their homes.

A Texas homeowner called for help for a few rattle snakes, and later a snake removal company found forty-five snakes.



Costco is selling enormous lobster claws.



Head coach Joe Golding of the Abilene Christian Wildcats addresses the media during a practice session for the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on March 20, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida

The odds of a perfect 'March Madness' bracket are reportedly one-in-9.2 quintillion.

Abilene Christian coach plans to face Kentucky with a ripped suit pants.


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