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Nick’s SXSW Picks!

It’s that time of the year for Nick’s SXSW music picks! As SXSW music officially kicks of Tuesday, here you’ll find hand selected music picks updated daily all this week by Nickmouth himself.  



Iguana Death Cult: 8pm @ Edwin's

"Femme Fatale"


Spooky Mansion: 9pm @ BD Riley’s



Mr. Wired Up: 10:10pm @ Palm Door on Sixth

"Walked In (Dirty)"


Illuminati Hotties: 11pm @ Beerland

"I Wanna Keep Yr Dog"


Yoshi Flower: 12am @ The Iron Bear

"Dirty Water"


Listen to Tuesday’s full review on the 8AM podcast!





American Werewolf Academy: 9pm @ Valhalla

“Everything Is Alright So Far”


Viagra Boys: 10pm @ Swan Dive Patio



Elephant Gym: 12am @ Elysium



Pkew Pkew Pkew: 1:15am @ Mohawk Indoor

"Before We Go Out Drinking"


Listen to today's picks on the 7AM podcast. 





Wierd Wolves: 8pm @ The Iron Bear

"Eyes of Orion" 


Prism Bitch: 9pm @ Javelina

"Tits Off" (Warning: NSFW) 


Taco Mouth: 10pm @ 720 Club

"W.G.A.F" (Warning: Very NSFW) 


Republican Hair: 11:45pm @ Augustine

"Chaotic Good"



Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: 9pm @ Luster Pearl

"Social Candy"


Japanese Breakfast: 12am @ Luster Pearl

"Everybody Wants To Love You"


The Nude Party:

3pm @ Container Bar

1am @ Mohawk Outdoor





Cutesylvania: 8pm @ Flamingo Cantina

"Mount Weird"

Click here to listen!



Crunk Witch: 10:50pm @ Flamingo Cantina



Har Mar Superstar: 1am @ Cheer Up Charlies​

"How Did I Get Through The Day"

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