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Meet Nick’s New Car

After listener Kay the teacher gave Producer Nick a great deal on a new car, he couldn’t pass it up!

He even let his car sit there and idle for a while after when he got it, just to enjoy not having to worry about it dying like the G6 would. Also, since it’s a gift rather than a purchase to Nick, he’s now one hundred percent committed to taking care, and washing the car in her honor. His last car was just an investment so there was no emotional attachment, but now his new ride is sentimental.

In additional to the mushy words Nick spilled about his car, Jason and Deb took this segment to the next level when they announced they decided to split the cost of Nick’s car by covering the cost in cash money. With that being said, Mama Deb and Papa Dick had some advice for Nick now that he has a new car and is debt free: take it for oil changes and don’t smoke in it.

They say good things happen in threes, and now new Nick has a new car, got a great deal thanks to listener Kay and is completely car debt free! Congrats, Nick.



If you’re not all caught up on Jason’s Chicago Airbnb dilemmas, after booking months in advance, his host told him just yesterday that there may be lots of construction, and no running water during his stay.  

After getting fed up with a standoff with the host, he contacted Airbnb about the issue and tried to cancel, but now everything is double the price. Even when Airbnb talked to Jason about accommodating him for a new “reasonably-priced” stay, as soon as he saw a fair priced listing, just seconds after he would get on the phone, they were no longer available.

So after spending almost four hours trying to get this resolved, Airbnb decided they would help him out… with a ten percent refund and two-hundred dollars.

At least he will now be staying in a place to guarantee have running water.  



Deb showing off her metal plates in her teeth Every Friday Deb picks out someone or something to be her C Of The Week. Sometimes it’s a jovial C and sometimes it’s a legitimate C.

Earlier this week Deb had an appointment to get new invisalign trays, so now she’s rockin’ some rubber bands and stainless steel hooks.

Deb’s canine hasn’t moved although she’s had invisalign for about a year already. She has been able to feel the rest of her teeth cooperating, but that canine has been a bit stubborn so the rubber bands are supposed to fix those stubborn teeth.

With Deb being on the market, she feels like no one will want her with metal plates and elastic bands all in her mouth.

Although she can “play the guitar on her teeth” now, she just hopes wearing all these bands and metals are worth it.

To clarify, the issue isn’t with her dentist at all, she loves them! Deb just wants a perfect smile, and those canines just won’t let her achieve that. So, Deb’s canines, you are this week’s C Of The Week.



Today we called the Atlanta Breakfast Club to see if they had any good breakfast tacos. They said they did have some good tacos, but after living in Austin, Deb wanted to make sure they could live up to her breakfast taco standard. After having favorite food in coming with Atlanta Breakfast Club and even getting excited about coming in to try the peach cobbler and shrimp and grits, they had no love for Deb. She got butt-slammed.



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The 2018 National Toy Hall of Fame finalists were announced, Norm Macdonald tries to re-explain his Chris Hardwick and #MeToo comments on ‘The View’, and thirty pounds of marijuana was discovered at a Boston radio station.



Cincinnati Bengals' AJ Green’s scored three touchdowns before halftime against the Baltimore Ravens, and Jason and Dennis de la Peña discussed Texas vs. USC this upcoming weekend.


Deb is still ont he hunt for a suite box invite for this weekend at the Texas game! She’ll even do fun and spontaneous things like slide down a banister at DKR. Hit her up if you can help her out. #GetDebinasuite 


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