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Long Live The G6

Producer Nick’s beloved G6 is officially gone. Although Deb started off by shaming Nick for his lack of attention to maintenance, he admitted that overall the car’s death was his fault for putting things off but the official cause of death to the G6 was murder.

The initial turmoil started off when for some reason his car was running with no oil. Later when he got it checked, the leak couldn’t be found and this then led to issues with his muffler, a bunch of other problems, then coolant issues, which eventually led to the demise of the G6.

It was okay when the car was in drive, but when he made a light stop or even stopped at a stop sign, it started idling, and the final blow came yesterday when nick left work.

There was a roundabout on the route home, and the guy in front of him made a complete stops and Nick rear ended the car. Everyone knows you don’t stop on the roundabout, but when Nick was clearing his sides, he tapped the car ahead of him. We all agree the accident isn’t Nicks fault. There was no damage to the outside of either vehicle, but the accident ruptured Nick’s radiator. Good thing dealing with not having a car is “Future Nick’s problem”, but it’s sad to see the G6 gone so soon.



Every Friday Deb picks out someone or something to be her C Of The Week. Sometimes it’s a jovial C and sometimes it’s a legitimate C. Today’s C was the Salmon Sisters. She doesn’t want to be mean to these lovely innocent-looking ladies, but she is just tired of repetitively seeing their commercials during her favorite Hulu shows. Sometimes while bingewatching some of her favorite series, out of four commercials that play, the Salmon sister tablet ad comes on at least three times.

Deb isn’t so much with the fact that she has to see commercials, it’s just that out of all of the cool commercials she has seen on Hulu, they keep playing the same one. To Deb, the Salmon Sisters seem nice and all but Hulu needs stop over playing their commercial. Fancy tablet fisher-boat sisters commercial and Hulu, you are this week’s C Of The Week.

Here is the C Of The Week commercial Deb was referring to:



Today we called Benny’s Deverage Depot in Chicago, IL and spoke with associate Jason number two, to see if they had any of that legendary Chicago Jeppson's Malört everyone has been talking about. Deb told Jason her friend is coming into town for Riot Fest so she wanted to try it. Although the Chicago special is limited in Austin, he assured Deb there was plenty bottles of Jeppson's Malörtor in stock for her to try. When Deb asked Jason from Chicago to describe the taste, he didn’t ruin the surprise but unlike the Dickman, Jason part two at Benny’s Beverage Depot in Chicago seemed like a nice fellow, but he didn’t have any love for Deb today.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick – Listen to today’s “Hope you paid attention in science class” trivia. 

$7 Worth Of Hubbastank (The Set List Game) – Can you guess today’s artists most performed songs? Listen to the game and play along. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football – Get ready for this weekend’s Longhorn game against Tulsa and listen to today’s “Texas opponent” trivia. 



Burt Reynolds with pink frames On today’s news Jason and Deb discussed actor Burt Reynolds’s passing from a heart attack at eighty-two years old, the Academy overturning the new popular-movie category at the Oscars, and the premiere of a “Beetle juice” musical on Broadway.






Philadelphia Eagles is tackling the Atlanta Falcons

On today’s sports, Jason and deb discussed the Philadelphia Eagle’s “Phily Phily’ play in the last quarter leading them to a eighteen to twelve victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL season opener, and Tiger Woods building a lead at the BMW Championship.

As a Friday tradition, Dennis De La Peña joined us for sports and he and Jason discussed Jason’s disappointment of the Longhorns performance against coach-less Maryland, Dallas Cowboys versus the Carolina Panthers, and the weekend long of college football coming up.


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