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Katy Killed A Frog

Producer Katy went to grab something from her car right after the show started. It’s still mostly dark outside between the 6 AM and 7AM hour so you can’t really see a whole lot. She felt a crunch under her shoe which she just assumed was a twig. She kept walking but when she turned around to check she saw what looked like a zombie frog dragging itself back into the grass. Katy turned on her phone flashlight and sure enough… she had accidentally committed murder. As a vegetarian and animal lover, Katy was very distraught and almost cried! The thought is still making her shudder. She cuddled Alfie extra today to ask forgiveness from the animal kingdom. RIP frog, may your legacy never croak. 


C Of the Week 

This week’s C of the Week is Braidy. Deb’s backyard has a patio before you walk out into the yard where the dogs usually go to the bathroom. Yesterday morning when Deb went outside to let Braidy and Alfie out there was a massive poo right on the deck. Braidy is the C of the week for doing that to Deb instead of going #2 where she’s supposed to in the grass. To make matters worse, it rained yesterday so it’s gonna be even more difficult for Deb to clean up. C’mon Braidy!


Emo Friday

Today we played another edition of the newest game added to our line up; “Just Chillin’ Y’all” or the Apple Music Game. One of the artists was David Bowie which led us down a wormhole of looking up “Under Pressure” covers. Some of these included Smash Mouth’s cover and The Used with My Chemical Romance’s cover of the iconic song.


I Love You Call 

Today we called the Pet Stop in Tennessee. Deb asked them if they sold pet frogs so she could get one for Producer Katy. Luckily they had what is called an “albino Pac Man” frog. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any love in stock for Deb. Buttslammed. 




The Area 51 raid is supposed to happen today.

An updated list of the highest paying jobs in America was released.

According to kids, this is the candy they are most excited to get on Halloween.



Tom Brady took to twitter to complain about the penalties happening during Thursday Night Football. 

Taco Charlton was picked up by the Miami Dolphins after he was cut from the Dallas Cowboys.

Dennis Rodman claims Madonna offered him $20 million to impregnate her.

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