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For Jason's Sake, Let The Kids Eat Candy

Jason has just recently become aware of some parent behavior that he thinks is just cruel. After discussing trick-or-treat during sports-podcasting alongside producer Nick and Dave B, Jason learned about Dave B’s “unacceptable”, Halloween policy.

Dave B takes his kids to collect as much candy as they can while trick-or-treating, but only allows them to eat two pieces of candy Halloween night. He then puts all of the candy on top of the fridge, and then it all “disappears” (gets thrown out). Jason was appalled that after all of the kids’ hard work, they only get two pieces of candy, forever! Is this Halloween candy consumption policy for children common amongst all parents?

Jason agrees with rationing the candy Halloween night so the kids don’t have too much sugar, but why only two pieces? And, why not ration the candy until the supply is depleted? Back in Jason’s trick-or-treating days, one of the best parts about getting Halloween candy was bringing it to school the next day to trade with friends. Now, due to Dave B’s “unacceptable” parenting, his kids will always be left out of the post-Halloween trading tradition.

Dear parents, if this too is your Halloween candy policy, hide your kids because the Dickman is coming to save them.



After Deb’s I Love You Call, one of the listeners wondered why a Bloody Mary was on Deb’s mind so early in the morning. Deb explained she usually thinks it’s too early to drink at the time she makes I Love You Calls, but after a late night, an early drink didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Lately, Deb has been worried about Blue boy and hasn’t been able to get much sleep. After Blue’s surgery he has been having a tough time adjusting, and Deb can sense that he is a little restless, anxious and just can’t seem to settle. Blue also keeps wanting to go outside, but not use the restroom. Although the doctors say he is doing alright, Deb knows he is going through some stuff. We know an early cocktail is usually against Deb’s policy, but after many restless nights between herself and Blue, it’s definitely acceptable to want a Bloody Mary before 10AM.



Today we called The Shore Diner in Jersey Shore, PA to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they served Bloody Marys, but The Shore Diner could only serve Deb scrambled eggs. The Shore Diner clearly was nothing like the Jersey Shore reality show, because they had no alcohol nor love for Deb today.



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KFC awards a newborn eleven-thousand dollars after her parents named her after Colonel Sanders.


Metallica announces that they plan to keep performing for the next twenty to twenty-five years and have no desire to retire.

Senator Ted Cruz wishes a happy Halloween with a tweet of the Zodiac killer letter.



Maryland head coach DJ Durkin looks on during spring football practice

Facing outrage, the University of Maryland fired head football coach DJ Durkin just one day after his reinstatement.

Despite the Cleveland Browns’ coaching turmoil, quarterback Baker Mayfield says he is not backing down from the challenge.

The Cleveland Browns interim coach Gregg Williams claims he has gotten four offers to be a head coach since 2003.

Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia scolds a reporter for his posture after Golden Tate question.


The San Antonio Spurs took home an easy one-hundred and twenty to ninety victory over the Phoenix Suns.

One fan was arrested after Boston Red Sox crowd throws beer cans during the World Series victory parade.


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