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Jason Tries Stilts

Photo Credit: Youtube / Dylan C.

This week, a challenge was finally completed on the show. We've heard Jason say for weeks that his balance and agility would allow him to walk on stilts with no problems.


As we all know now, he was wrong.


Watch the full video here:


To be fair to him, Jason did admit after trying that it was harder than he initially thought it would be.


If you're already at work and can't watch the video, we took photos of the entire spectacle as well and when Nick tried out the stilts and was able to do it.

Jason Tries Stilts

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Jason Tries Stilts
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Photo Credit: 101x Staff / Kim D.
For weeks, Jason has claimed that he can handle stilts like it's nothing. We finally got him up on a pair to prove it. As expected, things did not go as Jason planned.

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