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Is Jason an A-Hole Uber?

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since Jason teased it on Monday. Who’s the A-Hole featuring Bumblina! Last weekend was ACL fest and Jason didn’t go on Sunday so he gave his wristband to Bumblina so she could take her friend. Jason even offered to pick them up so they wouldn’t have to take an Uber. When he arrived Bumblina came to the driver’s side and asked if he could play Lizzo since they could barely hear her during the ACL set. Being the wonderful “Gerry-like” boyfriend he is, Jason said of course! Bumblina then told him she was sitting in the back of his car with her friend. All of a sudden Jason went from a nice boyfriend who picks his girlfriend up to being a regular old Uber. Who is the A-Hole in this situation? Bumblina who sat in the back and made Jason sit up in the front like a chauffeur or is it Jason for feeling a little butthurt that she sat in the back with her friend?


That Guy 

Today Jason didn’t have a specific guy to make this week’s “that guy” so today is just an assortment of “That Guys.” First up is that guy who sends you a voice memo because he’s driving guy. Don’t be that guy, just wait till you’re at a stoplight or at home. Next on the list is “I can’t believe how good you guys are!” guy. This is in reference to Jason’s other show with Ed Clements on KLBJ-AM. Lot’s of people were apparently skeptical about how it would go in the beginning. Ed has been doing radio since before Jason was born and Jason has been in the industry for 20 years and they both love sports. Of course, it was gonna be good! So, if you’re pleasantly surprised at how their show is going just don’t be that “I can’t believe you guys are good” guy. 


Pit Bull Awareness Event 

Deb is a massive lover of pit bulls. She lost her best friend and best dog, Blue last year after a great and long life. Now she has Alfie who, while he isn’t a pit bull, still adores him. Deb also now has his sister, Braidy who happens to be a pit bull she rescued. Deb wants to encourage you to attend the 11th Annual Pit Bull Awareness event that will have some great dogs to pet while raising money for a good cause!



The English Oxford Dictionary recently updated the list of words and included some slang and Star Wars vocabulary. 

A Wheel of Fortune contestant is going viral for his quite honest introduction. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced it’s 2020 induction nominees. 



The Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees to be 2-1 in the ALCS.

LeBron James is facing backlash after his criticism of the Rocket’s GM.

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