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Jason Did Something Dumb

We all knew Jason was supposed to go down to the valley for his vacation.

Very early in the trip Jason and his Dad rode in the left hand lane on the highway behind a state trooper that was going 80 with his cruise control on. 

Jason overtook him, waited until he was ahead of him and had his poker face on. He was only yards ahead and thought he was good but and when he was just one mile over the cop, HE GOT PULLED OVER.

Was it a bad decision from the start?



It's Tuesday, which means Deb read us a page from her diary. Today, we learned some of the finer points of Deb's vacation to Bali. Like the fact that she and Denise shared a bed while they were on vacation and Deb got a little weird during her sleep.

Skip to the 31 minute mark of the 7am Hour podcast to check it out.



Today we called Peter’s Pallets in Richmond, Virginia to see if they had any pallets for sale. Deb needed new patio furniture and wanted to make something like she sees on Etsy. Sadly, Peter says he doesn’t sell pallets, he repairs them, but can he repair Deb’s broken heart from not saying I love you too?



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick

Whose Tweet Is It 

Does Deb Know Stuff 



Chick-fil-A is giving away free food to people dressed up as cows for cow appreciation day.


7-Eleven's "7/11" Free Slurpee Day Is Tomorrow

Wednesday is July 11th, which is 7/11 also known as FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-Eleven. In case you want to stand in a line for about a half hour to save $1.39. And this year, 7-Eleven is going even further tomorrow. I mean, not THAT much further, but a little bit further. They're also selling hot dogs for $1 giving out free sodas when you buy a Snickers or Cheez-Its and rolling out their new Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries Slurpee flavor.


Billie Dee Williams is set to star in "Star Wars 9"

We just saw Lando in "Solo: A Star Wars Story," played by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and now news has come out that the OG , Billie Dee Williams is coming back to the scene. Lando made his debut in 1980, in "The Empire Strikes Back", and came back for "Return of the Jedi" in 1983. Williams backed out of a fan convention due to a conflict with a movie schedule, and the secret got out that he's returning as Lando Calrissian.


The Top Sign That Someone's Rich Is...

Today we learned that pretending to be rich was a lot easier back in the '90s. A new study from back in 1992 from the National Bureau of Economic Research found the products and brands that are the best indicators that someone's rich. The number one sign that someone's rich in 2018 is that they have an iPhone.  The other big signs you're rich are: 

  1. You have a passport
  2. Your car has Bluetooth and heated seats
  3. You own an iPad
  4. Your cell phone service is through Verizon.

Back in the day, the top sign you were rich was that you used Grey Poupon mustard. #TheMoreYouKnow




England’s World Cup anthem, “It’s Coming Home”, has been taking over the internet.

If you have watched England advance in the tournament, there’s a HUGE chance you've heard “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” by The Lightning Seeds. The song, which was released 22 years ago from the English band, has been streamed more than a million times on Spotify.

If you care, someone from the Washington Post put together the meaning of the song...we just want to learn the lyrics before the World Cup ends.


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