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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Jason In A Santa Suit

It’s confirmed! The 101X Sleigh Bell Cinema is here, and the suit has arrived. Three X’s and a extra small hat later, Jason as Santa is the perfect fit!

CLICK HERE for more Sleight Bell Cinema details.



Every Friday Deb picks out someone or something to be her C Of The Week. Sometimes it’s a jovial C and sometimes it’s a legitimate C. Amongst today’s actual C Of The Week; number one, Deb is missing her dog a bunch. Number two, everything hurts because she is on crutches. Third, someone ate Deb’s breakfast tacos. And yesterday, Deb did something although she knew better. San Antonio Guy is coming to visit over the weekend, so after months of feeling like crap and neglecting herself lately, she decided to break out the hair dye for her… off-black hairs.

Deb used some fancy professional grade dye that her former hairstylist recommended, and turns out she is extremely allergic to it. After using the dye just around her temples, she now has bumps on her scalp and all over the back of her neck. Just to be clear, those are bumps and not zits.

Even though Deb is more than likely allergic to the hair dye, she just wanted to look pretty and not feel fat, depressed and hungry. She tried to improve one thing, and it ended up messing up a bunch. That’s why “stupid hair dye”, you are this week’s C Of The Week.




Today we called Taco John’s in Virginia Beach to see if Deb cold get them to say I Love You Too. After learning that bean and cheese was this year’s most popular taco, Deb asked Taco John’s if they had any egg and bean tacos. Turns out, they only had beef, chicken and steak tacos but they were willing to make a veggie taco work. Too bad they weren’t willing to dish out an I Love You Too for Deb and she got butt-slammed.



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Grubhub released their annual report of the most popular dining trends of 2018. While vegan-friendly bean burritos topped the charts, chicken was most common amongst food preferences.

Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host after receiving criticism over homophobic tweets.

The Golden Globes released the complete list of 2019 nominations.


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