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Imagine That Floor Plan


Deb has been living in her spare room for about two weeks now and she’s really digging it. If you’re not aware, her house is currently undergoing a kitchen renovation turned house remodel, so things are a bit misplaced. Deb’s master room is actually ready for her return, but she’s been in the spare room for so long she’s starting to take a liking to living in her little box. Who knows if Deb will ever return to the master room?

After Deb attempted to describe her floor plan, we’re all convinced her house is being remodeled into a maze. Given the description of her layout and rooms, how do you imagine Deb’s floor plan?


Listen to the clip below to hear Deb walk us through the layout of her house. 



If you’re still confused, here's a hint from new producer Imari. Sort of. 

Written layout of Deb's house.


Think you can draw Deb's floor plan? Send us your picture by tweeting @JasonAndDeb or e-mail The closest sketch will win! 



Jason matched, chatted, then went on a successful date with a Bumbalina without any of the usual Dickman antics. Yesterday, he planned a classy cheese curd and beer date, but before, he took to Twitter for some help with second date strategies. Even with all of the good and bad advice from the Twitter-verse about what to do, Jason admitted there might be a third. She’s down with cheese curds, and beer? That’s a perfect match.



Today we called Art Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had gouache for a project, and no matter how she pronounced it they had plenty of supplies and paper for Deb’s high school art needs. Too bad the only thing Art Depot didn’t have was love for Deb, because she got buttslamed.



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 Members of season 16 of American Idol perform onstage during Amercian Idol: Live!

Host Bobby Bones steps in for Ryan Seacrest on Monday's episode of 'American Idol'. 

A new study reveals that twenty-eight percent of Americans are currently in a sexual dry spell.

Billboard has released the ninety-nine greatest songs of 1999.



Virginia's Kyle Guy begins the celebration as the Cavaliers won the championship game of the NCAA Final Four men's basketball tournament at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Monday, April 8, 2019.

Virginia defeats Texas Tech to win the NCAA National championship.

Orioles' Chris Davis sets a major league record with forty-seven straight at-bats without a hit.

Washington’s Trevor Rosenthal's run of infinite ERAs has hit record territory.


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