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Ike Barinholtz In Studio

Comedian, actor, and screenwriter Ike Barinholtz joined Jason and Deb in the studio today discuss the release of his newest movie, ‘The Oath’.

Jason, Deb and producer Nick saw a pre-screening of the film yesterday, and were all surprised by how crazy, funny, weird and tense it was.

The film is about a presidential administration asking citizens to sign a loyalty pledge, and rather than going down their normal trailer wormholes, Jason and Deb both saw the movie without knowing what to expect.

Rather than Barinholtz’s usual roles in writing or acting in comedies, this movie is set in a fictional life-like setting. Barinholtz also wrote, starred and directed this film himself.

Of course, Jason wanted to know all about the writing process and how the idea started. Without any spoilers, let’s just say Barinholtz explained there’s some funny stuff, but it’s not like Blockers.

Click here to listen to the complete interview.


The Oath will be out in theatres on October 12th. Check out the trailer below.



Blue with a patch on his back Deb and Blue took a trip all the way up to Round Rock yesterday. This time, Deb didn’t visit Mama Dick, but she did take Blue for another pricey trip to the vet. Something has been wrong with Blue’s left leg where he doesn’t like to put it all the way down, so he had to get an MRI. Although Blue is great at laying still, he needed an epidural and some new pain killers to rest peacefully during the scan. Turns out, Boy Blue may have a thickening of the left foot nerve, which basically means he might have to have surgery. The clinic also shaved his back where they did the epidural, so now there’s a bald patch on his butt and hole in Deb’s wallet. After an MRI, epidural, some pills, ketamine, IV in Blue’s arm, and a three-thousand dollar bill, good thing there’s no limit for Blue.



In case you were wondering, Jason Dick and his friend didn’t have to sleep on a park bench in the windy city. After all of the Airbnb troubles, they ended up staying in a nice high rise located right downtown.

The listeners called it, Jason only saw about seven bands amongst the three-day Riot Fest weekend, but he even got far enough from the bar to check out Alkaline Trio from the seventh row, and saw some bands he knew.

Jason and his friend also go catch up on football at some local Chicago sports bars and even caught a Cubs game while was in town. Despite leaving his Airbnb with the smell of bacon and a shaky start, Jason’s Chicago trip was a success. Jason got to see his favorite band, watch some sports and his Airbnb host left him a good review despite the cooked bacon smell.  



Today we called Crave Sandwiches in New York City continuing the sandwich theme from Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick. Deb asked Crave Sandwiches more about their signature sandwiches, but unfortunately they told her she would have to go to the website for more information, or just make her own. Crave Sandwiches was a little cold with info. and I Love You Toos. There was no love for Deb today.



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Roseanne Barr reveals her 'Conners' character gets killed off by opioid overdose, and director Glenn Weiss proposed live to girlfriend, Jan Svendsen, during last night’s Emmy Award acceptance speech.

Back in April, Heinz announced it would release Mayochup if it got enough twitter votes, and after more than fifty-five percent votes in favor, Mayochup is here.



Chicago Bears Khalil Mack and Browns widereciever Josh Gordon

Chicago Bears Khalil Mack lead team in twenty-four to seventeen victory over Seattle Seahawks, and Patriots land Browns widereciever Josh Gordon in surprising trade (despite the Cowboys’ ability to secure him).


Photo Ctedit: Getty Images 

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