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IHOP's "IHOB" Stunt Quadrupled Their Burger Sales

Back in June, IHOP changed its name to IHOB, with a "B" to promote their new line of burgers. The internet was obsessed with their name change until a month later they switched it back and revealed it was just a stunt to promote their new burgers.

According to IHOP, the stunt led to twenty-thousand news articles, thirty-six billion social media impressions and their burger sales quadrupled.



Man in the shower

A new survey asked men about what they do when they're in the shower, and it uncovered some unexpected truths. 

1.  83% of men pee in the shower.

2.  50% sometimes get-it-on with themselves.

3.  40% brush their teeth.

4.  And 20% sometimes only wash their, quote, "important parts" and not their entire body.

The survey also found about one in three guys say sometimes they go to work without taking a shower



Two Nashville teens allegedly tried to steal a woman's car but couldn't work a manual transmission.

The suspects ran up to a first victim, but she screamed and blasted the car horn when the suspects allegedly attempted to pull her from her car.

The teenagers then fled the scene on foot and one hour later, they stole a woman’s keys out of her hand after she parked outside of a grocery store.

This time, the suspects made it inside the car, but a few seconds later, they left the car and ran away because they didn't know how to use the victim’s manual transmission.


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