How Many Swifities Does It Take To Beat A Juggalo?


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How Many Swifities Does It Take To Beat A Juggalo?

One of the news stories we covered today was how Taylor Swift’s fan base “Swifties” launched a campaign against the new Tool album to keep her album at #1. Apparently Tool’s album “Fear Innocculum” could overtake Taylor Swift’s album for the #1 spot and Swifites weren’t having it. One Swifitie even said that it could debut at #2 because of a “new band called Tool.” This led us down a path of looking up what other fan bases are called, including Insane Clown Posse’s “Juggalos.” We wonder how many Swifties it would take to take on a single Juggalo.  

Jason and Deb Review Things

On this edition of Jason and Deb review things there is a special guest, producer Katy! The nice people at Truly sent us some samples to try all of their fun flavors. You can check out the video and try Truly for yourself at the 101x tailgate this weekend!


Just Chillin’ Y'all

Today we debuted the first run of a new game, “Just Chillin’ Y’all.” Follow along on the 7 am podcast and see if you have better music knowledge than Jason and Deb.


I Love You Call

Deb called Square Cat Vinyl in Indianapolis to see if they had the new Tool album on vinyl. The record store dude had to ask but apparently they didn’t have it nor did they have a release date for “Fear Inoculum” on vinyl. He did tell us they had one CD copy left in the store. He didn’t know if he had any love for Deb either because she got Buttslammed. 


1st CD You Ever Bought

After calling the record store we took a trip down memory lane and remembered CDs. Deb asked Producer Katy if she had ever owned a CD. Katy’s car only had a CD drive and a radio so she had a plethora of CDs. Deb asked her what the first CD she ever bought was, Katy remembered having the 1st Cheetah Girls soundtrack. During our reminiscing, Deb remembered the first album she ever bought was ‘Nevermind by Nirvana.” Jason’s first album was Sheryl Crow’s “Tuesday Morning Music Club.” Last but not least, the first CD that Nick had was the Teenage Ninja Turtles 3 soundtrack but the first he ever purchased was “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse. Tweet us @JasonAndDeb to go down memory lane and let us know the first CD you ever had/bought. 



A survey that asked pet owners/parents who they prefer, revealed ⅓ favor their pets over their children. 

According to Ad Magazine, ranch dressing has surpassed Ketchup as the favorite condiment. 

Tool’s new album was close to taking Taylor Swift’s new album’s #1 spot, and Swifties launched a campaign to keep streaming her album.



The first NFL game of the season was heavy on defense for both the Packers and Bears with the final score being 10-3, Packers win.

Antonio Brown might be suspended for threatening to hit Raider's GM Mike Mayock in the face. 

The Longhorns take on LSU this weekend in one of the most anticipated games of the season. 

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