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How Did You ACL Fest?

Jason saw Metallica on Saturday and took his mom to see Paul McCartney on Friday. It seemed like the Paul McCartney concert was filled with other mom-child attendees, and after running into chair zones, getting lost in the back of the crowd and his “allergy to Zilker Park”, he saw pretty much everything he desired to see, expert for Lisa Loeb.

After the live broadcast and post-show brunch, Deb didn’t make it out because she wanted to stay in and spend time with Blue boy. She didn’t do anything too ACL-ish other than seeing some girls almost falling off their scooters, but after posting and tweeting about wishing Jason could see Lisa Loeb during ACL, her wish may be granted. Will Jason see Lisa Loeb in concert? Will she ever get to serenade the Dickman with “You Say” aka "Stay (I Missed You)"?

Out of the three, Producer Nick was the only one who ACL-ed the right way. All Nick remembers was making it home safely on Friday from the festival, but when Jason saw him let’s just say he was his alter ego “Vardka”. He also took the prize for weirdest things ever brought into a festival. After entering the line of the most diligent security-woman at the park, we discovered he packs socks, nail clippers and an extra pair of underwear in his festival bag. Say what you may about the clippers and underwear, but Nick was prepared.


Although it’s not Wednesday, here is a look into Jason’s ACL Twitter past about stepping on people at the festival.



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Jason number two, and he started off his weekend by going to a local brewery on Friday, bought a new sixty-five inch TV to complete his game room on Saturday, and had some beers with friends on Sunday.

Jason Dick spent his Friday hanging out with his mom at ACL Fest day one and took her to see Paul McCartney. Saturday, he went to a UT Game watch party then saw Deftones, Metallica and more during ACL day two before losing his phone. Sunday, Jason went to go pick up his phone and spent the rest of day watching football.



Today we called Park Cafe & Coffee Bar in Baltimore, Maryland. Deb started off the conversation by asking if they served wine with breakfast and lunch, but unfortunately they didn’t. Park Cafe & Coffee Bar did have vegetarian options for Deb, and maybe the sentiment was lost at the end of their conversation, but there was no love for Deb today.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick – Today’s teddy bear trivia ended up in a tiebreaker. Listen and play along.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s “What had happened was…” week five in the NFL trivia.



Natty Light released a seventy-seven-pack of beer that weighs sixty-five pounds.

A man in Texas turned himself in to get a better mugshot

Police body camera footage shows a Minnesota man giving a squirrel CPR.



 Conor McGregor, left, and Khabib Nurmagomedov in their UFC lightweight championship fight during UFC 229

The Houston Texans beat the Dallas Cowboys nineteen to sixteen in overtime, after the Texas Longhorns’ forty-eight to forty-five win over Oklahoma Sooners, Texas is now ranked number nine in the AP poll and fourteen in the coaches’ poll, and UFC two-twenty-nine turned into a brawl after Khabib Nurmagomedov’s defeat against Conor McGregor.


Photo Credit: Shutter Stock & Getty Images 

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