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Hey Man Can You Get Me ACL Fest Tickets Guy, Don’t Be That Guy

Today’s That Guy might possibly be on the Mount Rushmore of "That Guy." It’s Jason’s friend Kenny and the Dickman himself.

Jason is used to the ACL hook-up requests around this time of year, but he made Kenny That Guy since he asked just two days before the festival. Jason has been inviting the new dad out for a couple weeks now, but with his baby duties, he hasn’t been able to hang. Although, when Kenny called to ask if Jason still planned to come over Sunday, Jason reminded him it was ACL weekend and Kenny said, “Oh yeah, it is this weekend. Got the hookup?”.

On the other hand, Deb hasn’t had too many That Guys this year, but plot twist: Jason asked Deb if she could pull some strings to get some passes so Mama Dick could see Paul McCartney.

With just two days left until the start of ACL Fest weekend one, unless you’re Mama Dick, don’t be That Guy.



Jason made it clear he’s not usually a volume eater, but yesterday presented itself with a great opportunity for some gluttony. Jason’s “partner in gluttony” and work, Deb, told him Schlotzsky's was selling sandwiches for one dollar and ninety-nine cents all day yesterday, so after work, he took a trip all the way up to Parmer Lane.

The Schlotzsky's special was for the small original, and at the time he didn’t know if they would be adult sized, so he ordered three. Jason planned to eat two sandwiches and save one for later, but in order to avoid ridicule from Schlotzsky's, he only customized two. And if you’re wondering if Jason still enjoyed the third un-modified sandwich, he finished all three sandwiches before making it home.

Later in the day, Jason had to go back up to the station, so of course, this presented itself for another chance to take advantage of the Schlotzsky's special. Jason doubled back, but this time he was prepared and camouflaged himself by specially customized all three sandwiches this time. In case you’re counting, that was six Schlotzsky's sandwiches in one day.



Today we called Vermont Sandwich Company in Williston, VT to ask about their sandwich specials. Deb explained that she just moved from Austin, so she wanted to know more about Vermont Sandwiches, and they were able to recommend her some Vermont Sandwich Company specialties. Deb was excited after hearing all of the mouth-watering options and said she will be in for lunch. Unfortunately, Vermont Sandwich Company didn’t feel the same because they had no love for Deb today.



Jason and Deb Countdown to ACL Fest header

Jason and Deb are counting down to the start of Austin City Limits Music Festival this Friday morning! Hang out with them from 6 AM - 10 AM at Republic Square (the official ACL shuttle pick up) for the chance to win their last pair of 3-day weekend one passes to the festival along with some official ACL Late Night show tickets.

Just two days away! CLICK HERE for more details.



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Cybersecurity McAfee reveals the top ten celebrities most likely to give you a computer virusin the first national test, Americans will receive a Presidential cellphone alert today, and Ridester surveyed and measured Uber driver earnings.




Alt Text: Members of the Colorado Rockies celebrate after defeating the Chicago Cubs, 2-1, in 13 innings in the National League Wild Card game against the Chicago Cubs

The Colorado Rockies top the Chicago Cubs two-to-one in a thirteen- inning wild-card game, and Baker Mayfield is apparently being extorted over a sex video he sent to Instagram models.


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