Happy Birthday, Producer Nick! 


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Happy Birthday, Producer Nick! 

Today is Nick’s birthday so of course, Jason allowed Nick to hold court. We talked about his favorite Japanese composer and went through some of his works. Most of these included scores from video games. Nick said he wasn’t ever really that excited for his birthday because it also happens to be his mom and step dad’s anniversary. He thinks maybe his mom planned it because his brother’s birthday is on Tax day. Maybe all Hadja brothers need to have holiday birthdays, this holiday being Nick’s mother’s anniversary. Jason, Deb and Producer Katy tried to make his birthday a little more exciting and brought some gifts. Deb got Nick a card with a rainbow pin inside. Jason brought Nick a bottle of Rumple Minze and Katy got Nick a box of his favorite organic cereal. Nick’s not sure what else he’s going to do today but it might include something exciting like getting his oil changed. He also looks really excited in the pictures because he’s got all these years of death and despair to look forward to. Be sure to go wish him a Happy Birthday so he has more things to look forward to! 


Happy Birthday, Ariana!

Apparently it’s a very popular day for birthdays because it is also 101x’s digital content creator, Ariana’s birthday! Happy birthday y’all, have your cake and eat it too! 

Nick and Ariana Birthday Buds

That Guy 

On this week’s edition of “That Guy” Jason wants to highlight those who can’t seem to close a pizza box correctly. Don’t be that guy who after taking a slice, leaves the box of pizza open and exposed. If you’re gonna join in on some cheesy goodness at least have the decency to fold back in the little flaps and shut the top so it stays hot! 


QB Cuties

During Does Deb Know Stuff About Football, Andy Dalton came up. Deb remembered him because she had to rate all of the NFL quarterbacks and he’s one of the only gingers. If you missed the video of her rankings, here it is again for your viewing pleasure. 



A list of the professions which have the most sex was recently revealed. 

Searches for “Joker” have spiked on Porn Hub after the release of the new movie. 

Ellen was seen at a football game with George W. Bush and addressed how you can be friends with those with differing opinions. 



The Philadelphia Flyers have added a “rage room” to the Wells Fargo center where fans can go to smash things and unload some steam. 

China has pulled several agreements and events with the NBA after pro-protest tweets from Darryl Morely.

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