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Get Your Damn Hands Off Jason’s Money, Nick!

As you all surely know, Nick and Jason have been hosting a football show on Sunday evenings this season.  What you probably don’t know is that there’s now all kinds of drama behind the scenes.  At least according to Jason.  Be sure to check out today’s podcast if you want all the nitty-gritty details, but basically there’s some fancy numbers magic going on behind the scenes and our accounting department has been emailing Nick and Jason to make sure everything adds up.  Well Producer Nick maaaaaaay have let it slip in an email Jason wasn’t cc’d on that Jason missed a show in September to go to Riotfest.  And now the bean counters are trying to not pay for that week.  And Jason blames Nick for ruining a bank error in the Dickman’s favor.  In Nick’s defense, the (Nick And) Dick On Sports Live Show is supposed to be something they share 50/50, including any compensation, and Jason negotiated a much more generous deal for himself and left Nick to forage for scraps on his own.  Also nobody tell (Nick And) Dick On Sports Live Show assistant producer Dave B that either of them are getting paid for this.  Poor Dave B is only being compensated with experience points.


C of the Week:


While attending Thanksgiving dinner with one of her friends, Deb found out that their young son is fascinated by animal skeletons.  He has a nice collection of gecko skeletons and even a dead scorpion.  So when Deb discovered a deceased squirrel rotting away under a pile of leaves at her house, she knew it would make the perfect gift for this young bone collector.  Since it was covered with maggots, she sent San Antonio guy out to bag up the body, and then delivered it to her friend’s kid so he could bury it and then dig up the skeleton after it had been picked clean by nature. Obviously the little boy loved it, and even better for Deb, now she doesn’t have to worry about Alfie playing with it and getting terrible dead-squirrel breath.  No more getting your mouth washed out with soap Alfie!


Jason And Deb Review Things:


Check out the latest episode where Jason And Deb review pizza, pickle, bacon, and mac and cheese-flavored candy canes.  It's just the thing to kick of the holiday season.





KFC’s 11 Herbs and Spices Yule Log is back and you can pick up yours at Wal-Mart.


Home Alone has been named the most “Christmas-y” Christmas movie of all time.


YouTube has released their annual Rewind video and the top trending music videos of 2019


Included in the top ten is Con Calma by Daddy Yankee and Snow.  Yes that Snow.





The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football yet somehow remain in first place in the terrible NFC East.


LeBron James defended taking his shoes off at the end of the Lakers game against the Jazz. 





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