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The End Of Majourney

Deb’s first body building competition is in the books and we can officially call Deb a fitness competitor! The entire morning show team went out last Saturday to cheer on Deb at the MAVS Charity Classic and we all agreed that the show was quite a unique experience. Deb was delighted to be greeted by her friends after a morning-long of show preparation and being one of the few competitors to be drug tested.

After a day of multiple spray tans, getting her scalp bobby pinned to secure her power pony, and having to body pump before the show in a glued bikini bottom, Deb completed her transformation and performance with a “smize”. She went through such a drastic transformation for the show, her friends could barely recognize her! Overall, after only being able to debut her un-favored leg for the judges and cracking an open-teeth smile after hearing her friends and the audience cheer her on, Deb is happy with her performance. The final tally isn’t in yet, but so far round $120,000 was raised for veterans and Deb placed second in two divisions. She raised money for a great cause, and even placed in her very first fitness competition, congrats Deb!



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Amber was today’s listener, and she had a weekend filled with archery practice, night fishing, and setting up deer feeders to eating deer steak and off-roading a jeep. Jason also had an eventful weekend and even discovered a hidden gem in Austin. He started off his weekend with the Lodge Poker tournament, went to Barton Springs Pool or as he calls it “Austin’s new hot spot”, had some Texas barbeque, saw Alkaline Trio and made a double charity appearance. One listener called in a decided it all. Today, Jason Dick was mas macho. Tune in every Monday at 7:45am to see if you can out-macho the Dickman.  



In case you aren’t caught up, or haven’t seen the photos from her bikini reveal or competition, Deb is officially a professional figure competitor! During her whole majourney, the one cheat meal she was exited for was a bagel. Weeks leading up to the competition, a bagel was one of the main she was craving, but want able to have. If you’re a foody like the rest of us on the show, you’ll be interested to hear that after the show Deb ate ty noodles, Ceviche from Polvo’s, chips and salsa, cheese curds and arrived bright and early before the store even opened to Einstein’s for a bagel. Healthy fitness women gotta eat too, and most importantly, Deb got a bagel.



Today we called Verve 360 Hair Salon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Deb started off the call by asking if there were stylists who could do a haircut and color, because it had been months since she has had both. Verve 360 had plenty of stylists who specialized in cuts who also could touch up an ombré color, but unfortunately they had no open appointments, nor love for Deb today.



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