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Did Jason Get His Phone Back?

Call off all emergency systems in place! You should be relieved to know, Jason got his phone back. If you aren’t all caught up, Jason very tragically loss his phone deep down in his Tesla yesterday. After ripping apart his console, consulting another Tesla owner and having anyone around with small-ish hands take a crack at digging for his phone, Jason thought his precious phone wouldn’t see the light of day for at least another twenty-four hours. When he got home, as a last effort Jason dug down and easily grabbed his phone. It was that simple! We all definitely loosened it for him, but the Dickman has got some mad finger skills indeed.

See Jason and Deb practically rip apart the beloved Tesla. 



After getting over his phone fiasco, Jason went to the Tesla charging station to juice up his hungry self-driving machine. As his car was charging, he noticed an older-ish soccer mom attempt to reverse park a few charging stations down. Then, after watching her spend what seemed to be fifteen minutes struggling to park, he considered whether or not he should help. Another man waking to his Tesla noticed the woman’s many failed parking attempts and volunteered to help. Then, as the lady got out, Jason saw she was wearing a shirt that said “Go ask your Dad”.

In this situation, is Jason the A-Hole for not offering this lady with a DNB graphic tee help to park, or is she the A-Hole for having a fancy car she can’t even properly drive?



Today we called Me Mobile in New York, NY to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had any phone cases with a wallet attached, but not the cases for old ladies like the one her Mum has. Luckily, Me Mobile and Deb were on the same page about the case, but too bad the love wasn’t mutual because Deb got butt-slammed.



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