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Deb's Adventure Down To The Wilderness Of Suburbia

Deb had an event with her new partner, Mighty Swell, this weekend and had to journey all the way down to the outskirts of town to the Circle C Ranch H-E-B. The H-E-B was so far south, she almost got lost in the wilderness of suburbia, but she made it. Although, something was off-putting.

First, she and producer Nick did the math and determined you could fit six other H-E-Bs into that mega-H-E-B location. But, the thing that was most foreign to Deb was the amount of actual “grownups” grocery shopping. At Deb’s local H-E-B, she mostly sees students in pajamas and flip flops, so it was odd seeing adults, and even parents with their kids shopping around with full carts.

Jason said he sticks to the head-down, earbuds-in method so he would never notice. Hopefully Deb learned her lesson that odd, or normal things just happen when she steps outside the city bubble.



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Griselda, and she did some welder-type things to make flower jewelry, but let’s just sum it up as there was a lot of torching going on.

Jason had a choice to attend a bachelorette party on Friday, but instead decided to Netflix, chill and cook himself a three-course steak, shrimp and ramen meal. On Saturday, he watched some college football at Twin Peaks and ended the weekend with an Oktoberfest party.

Deb had time to ask her deciding questions, and Griselda made lots of fire, but didn’t play any sports. Jason didn’t get any “booty”, but that was none of our business and he also didn’t get into any fights.

Today’s decision was down to a listener, and he decided he was going to vote for Griselda because he is pretty sure he knows her. Griselda took today’s win, so she is mas macho.



Today we called RnR Record Shop in Orlando, Florida to see if Deb could persuade them to say “I Love You”. Jason requested Deb to ask for Korn’s ‘Follow The Leader’ on tape, so she started off the conversation by asking if they even still sold cassette tapes. RnR Record Shop said they didn’t have any cassette tapes, but the employee and Deb got into a discussion about where to buy cassette tapes after she explained it was to teach her “kids”.  

After two tries and a nostalgic conversation about how to record cassettes, RnR Record Shop said “I Love You” too, and even after years, that one made Deb blush.



Jason and Deb are counting down to the start of Austin City Limits Music Festival this Friday morning! Hang out with them from 6 AM - 10 AM at Republic Square (the official ACL shuttle pick up) for the chance to win their last pair of 3-day weekend one passes to the festival along with some official ACL Late Night show tickets.



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The most Googled medical symptoms by state was released and ranged from light colored poop in Wisconsin to nasal congestion in Texas, KFC and the NFL signed a new deal making KFC's world-famous chicken wings the 'Official Wing Sponsor' of this year's NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl XLIII, Kanye West got booed during a pro-Trump speech on "SNL", and nu metal band Korn is launching its own brand of coffee, KoRn Koffee.



Golden Tate #15 of the Detroit Lions runs against Byron Jones #31 of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Arlington, Texas.

For football news Dez Bryant led the Dallas Cowboys to a twenty-six to twenty-four win against the Detroit Lions, The Houston Texans prevailed against the Indianapolis Colts in overtime, and Cleveland Browns lose forty-two to forty-five against the Oakland Raiders in a “classic Browns performance”.

In MLB, the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers are tied for NL Central, and the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers are tied in the NL West.

Europe beat the United States team in the 2018 Ryder Cup to regain trophy.


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