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Deb Wants To Go To San Antonio?!

Deb isn’t usually fond of San Antonio in comparison to Austin, but this week she voluntarily asked her San Antonio Guy to go! If you’re wondering where this change of heart came from, although San Antonio Guy is moving to Austin, he still has his house in San Antonio, so Deb wanted to get away from all the kitchen construction taking place this weekend. It’s SXSW season, and like most Deb isn’t running away from that. In fact, she even got an invite to a fun event, but would prefer to take a trip down to San Antonio land. With the kitchen remodel, Deb’s living spaces are becoming smaller, so this weekend, Deb will be a San Antonio Girl.

Expect lots of this! Check out this cute video from Deb’s Instagram of her riding around with her homies.



Although Deb is just remodeling her kitchen, the remodel is spreading to the rest of her house. She has always noticed the infrastructure of her house was a little wonky, but this week her builder found a leak, and now she has to have a wall ripped out. After all Deb has had to do to correct the poor additions her previous owners built, she is making sure to get things done the right way so the house’s next owners don’t have to worry about fixing mistakes, and they can renovate without any issues.

On top of this new water leak, Deb has two bathrooms wasting space in her bedroom, and if you may remember from when she had ac issues, she has an inaccessible attic. To the people who lived in the house before Deb, she wants you to know she is annoyed, and they should just have hired better builders instead of trying to save a penny and leaving her with a headache. That’s why, they are this week’s C Of The Week.



Today we called Recycled Records in Springfield, IL to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb explained she was trying to educate a new girl in her office about late 90’s, 2000’s music, and wanted to play her an old Nickelback CD. Recycled Records was sure they had something on the three dollar rack, and they even both agreed that album was an over-rated blast from their past. Even after bonding over Nickelback, Deb got butt-slammed.



It’s that time of the year all Austenites hate! SXSW has officially started. Jason Dick is known to be a SXSW goer, but sadly this year he won’t be able attend. If you may know, Jason Dick is just his other name, so the Dickman will be present, but he won’t be able to use his Jay Z status to just get in anywhere this year. Turns out, they’re cracking down, so sadly after a decade, Jason Dick will not be attending SXSW.

If you plan on attending this year, or are trying to win wristbands, CLICK HERE for the 101X guide to SXSW.



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A new survey reveals that more than half of Americans would support ending Daylight Saving Time.

A Nickelback debate broke out between represenatives on House floor.

Hidden Valley Ranch is holding "Bring Your Own Bottle", where anyone can bring any type of container to be filled for National Ranch Day.



The Denver Broncos are trading quarterback Case Keenum to the Washington Redskins.

Officials have began discussing whether or not college athletes should be paid.

Stephen A. Smith gets memed after posting an outtakes video of himself in front of a green screen.


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