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Deb Needs Her Tummy Time

Labrum update! In case you missed it last week, Deb had to have surgery on her busted labrum so she now has to hop around on crutches. Hopefully Deb’s physical therapist would approve of the set-up she has going on in the studio, because getting in a chair now requires a lift and a grunt to adjust to the perfect spot. The worst part of the recovery process for Deb so far has been the awful boots she has to wear. Other than that, her new daily routine includes wearing two braces, compression tights, spending four to six hours with a healing machine, and two hours of tummy time daily. Deb enjoys tummy time the most.  

It may not seem like too much fun, but the recovery process has just been a lot of laying around and watching TV. Since tummy time is pretty much just laying down and doing butt squeezes, Deb has acquired a tummy time specialist and has turned it into San Antonio guy alone time.

Yesterday, when San Antonio guy came over for a little tummy time, Deb made sure to make the announcement loud and clear. Take note, Deb’s parents are still in town helping her recover.

So to get some privacy they went to bedroom, and shut the door, but while they were in the middle of doing some “stuff”, Deb’s Mum knocks on the door.

Like a college movie Deb yelled, “Coming!”, and they frantically tried to get dressed. Well, Deb’s Mum still proceeded to come in and well… let’s just say after fourty-four years, Deb’s Mum walked in on tummy time for the first time ever.



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Dave, and he started off his weekend by attempting to do some quail hunting before he encountered a skunk. Dave also took home some fantasy football victories, and ended the weekend watching football and using some special screw extractors on a 53’ Ford.

On Friday, Jason went to a Twin Peaks football watch party where he was reprimanded for bringing along a friend with a child on lingerie day, and later that evening he had Sucktones practice. Saturday, Jason had a big morning playing golf with Deb’s step dad, then went to Komé Sushi for a birthday party turned brawl that night. Sunday of course, was dedicated to football.

We didn’t have time for Deb’s qualifying questions or listener votes, so Jason declared himself the winner and gave the tickets to Dave.



This Friday, November 30th around 10pm-ish you all are invited to the joint birthday bash of the year! Since Jason’s birthday was a week ago and Bernie’s is this week, get ready for a night of entertainment and an exclusive performance by the Sucktones. Maybe they’ll be some live art at this Palooza, maybe not. The most important thing is that the Sucktones will be performing, so trust the Dickman when he says it’s worth driving from San Antonio. 



Today we called Big Apple Mobility in New York City, NY to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb explained that she had surgery on her labrum last week, so she was looking for something easier to manage than crutches. To her surprise, Big Apple Mobility said a knee scooter would be much more user friendly and warned that it could actually go quite fast. Big Apple Mobility was full of tips for Deb, but too bad they were all out of love and she got butt-slammed.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s more trivia about mountains… trivia.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s, “What had happened was…” week 12 in the NFL trivia



The new 'Lion King' trailer has broken a record for Disney.


See a comparison of the original and new trailer below.


Videos have been circulating around online over the holiday weekend of at least three different fights at Walmarts around the country.

There was a shooting at a mall in Tennessee that started when the victim reportedly looked at a, quote, "attractive woman".

After two people were shot in an Alabama mall, police shot and killed twenty-one year old Emantic Bradford Hoover before learning he was not guilty.

Cards Against Humanity had a Black Friday sale that featured 99% off random items, and not Cards Against Humanity decks.

A ‘Star Wars’ spinoff Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is in the works.

A man bought a storage unit for five-hundred dollars from 'Storage Wars' star Dan Dotson, and found seven and a half million dollars in a safe inside.

TV critics ranked the twenty best shows made for streaming.



Football Coach Mack Brown in Longhorns Jacket holding a football.

The 2018 NFL predicts the Dallas Cowboys a top contender as they sit atop the NFC East.

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers breaks an NFL record with twenty-five consecutive completions.

The Cleveland Browns picked up a thirty-five to twenty revenge victory against the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to reports, former Texas coach Mack Brown will return to North Carolina as head football coach.


Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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