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Deb Flies High Over Downtown Austin


Today we had a special guest in studio, Rob Whiteside, the owner of Austin Biplane. Rob used to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force, but he now flies the red convertible plane you’ve probably seen cruising around downtown. Austin Biplane sRob from Austin Biplane in studio pecializes in date nights, special occasions, anniversaries, or even just thrill rides. Jason also confirmed, Rob did not just buy a plane off of Craigslist, he is a real pilot. This evening Deb and her friend Kara are going to check it out this one of a kind experience. If you see the red Austin Biplane make sure to wave hi to Rob, Deb and her friend Kara!




Jason’s friend Jake is moving from Austin to Corpus Christi for work. As the city continues to grow this has become a trend amongst Austin residents due to Austin becoming too expensive and crowded. Jake has been able to upgrade from an extremely South Austin apartment to a sweet pad on the beach.  Deb suggested that Jason should have let Jake stay in one of extra rooms, but after living together back in their college days, they’ve determined their friendship works best with a little space. We also learned that one of Deb’s dreams is to move out to the country and have a goat or donkey farm where rescued animals are rehabilitated. Deb doubted Jason would go all the way out to Corpus to visit one of his best buds. Last time Jason had to drive to Corpus it was apparently a huge nightmare, but he would consider visiting Jake if he can fly.




Everyday Deb calls a random business or stranger and tries to get them to say they love her. Today we called Betty Boop’s Diner in Albany, New York, hoping it was a cool retro diner like the 1960’s, as Deb loves those. The man who answered the phone confirmed everything was Betty Boop-themed and it was so retro they don’t even have milkshakes, just flavored milk. Deb thought the Betty Boop’s Diner would be a perfect place for her and her imaginary family to stop by on their hypothetical cross-country journey, but sadly they had no love for Deb today.




Every FridaBoy Blue C of the Week y Deb picks out someone or something to be her C of the Week. Sometimes it’s a jovial C and sometimes it’s a legitimate C. Today it was her dog Blue. Long time listeners are well aware of just how much money Deb has spent on Blue over the years. With multiple ACL surgeries, weird lumps on his stomach he had to have removed and now his skin allergies, she has spent a ton of money on Blue. Just this week Deb has had to pick up pain pills for his arthritis, as well as x-rays and blood tests, which have cost Deb a grand total of $1,400. With all the money and time spent on her dog, Deb has not been able to spend any time planning for her upcoming vacation, car shopping or getting all the things in the car fixed that Blue has broken. Luckily, she loves her Blue Boy so much, because if not he would have been shipped off to the farm for all of his recent troubles.




How Much is a game we like to play where a listener competes with Jason and Deb, to see who can most accurately guess the net worth of various celebrities. Deb started off strong by getting closest to Tommy Lee Jones’ net worth, but Jason was able to make up ground with Natalie Portman and Rivers Cuomo.  In the end it came down to knowing how much Barack Obama was worth, and Jason was able to eke out a victory. He was even able to correctly guess that we were playing with celebrities that went to Harvard to pad his lead over Deb and the Listener.




Today we did trivia that Producer Nick has been looking forward to for a while, Name That Video Game Start Up Sound.  The listener was able to get all three correct, knowing the sound a Capcom game makes, a PlayStation 2 booting up, and the classic sound of a Sega game.  Jason managed to lose on the first one. Not surprising, since everyone knows he was a Mortal Kombat kid, and not into Street Fighter.  Jason did manage to get both of the other ones, but that wasn’t good enough today.

Come on Jason, even Pete Holmes could have got that one...





In honor of the Alex Ovechkin winning his first Stanley Cup, we did Russian player for the Cappies, Russian player for the Go Knighs, or not an actual Russian.  In the most hockey-talking show Jason and Deb have ever done, listener McKensey started of strong correctly guessing Deb would know that Evgeny Kuznetsov was a Cappie, but thought Deb wouldn’t know that Swedish actor Peter Stormare was not a real Russian. On the last question, McKensey put her faith in Deb that she would know who Teddy KGB was, but unfortunately Deb didn’t know that was John Malkovich’s character in the movie Rounders and guessed he was a Cappie. Poor McKensey.




More and more professional gaming is growing into a viable career choice. In a recent study by Wallet Hub, Seattle was ranked as the #1 and Austin came in #4 for the best gamer-friendly cities.

Anthony Bourdain was found dead from an apparent suicide, while in France working on an upcoming episode of his CNN series "Parts Unknown. A friend found him unresponsive in his hotel room this morning.

Burger King is playing God again with their Chicken Fries.  This time they’re introducing their Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries, and they look insane!





The Capitals won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history last night and Alex Ovechkin won the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the playoffs.

Bryan Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, admitted to sharing sensitive, non-public, club-related information using several “burner” Twitter accounts and the Philadelphia 76ers general manager was forced to resign in one of the craziest sports stories in recent memory.

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