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Deb Discovers The Next Rap Superstar

One of Deb’s nephew-aged family friends came into town to stay with her before his Texas State orientation. While in the car, he reveled to Deb that he was an upcoming rap artist and asked her to listen to his song. He hadn’t played it for anyone before Deb, and it does contain some vulgar language, so don’t tell his Dad. On today’s show we got to check out $pliff’s debut track “Lord Knows”. Not too shabby for a 17-year-old kid from Plano.


Warning- Explicit Lyrics




During today’s Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick, Deb was trying to say philosopher in reference to a question, but instead she said “Philography”. We all agreed that a philographer has to be a guy that looks like a step dad on a public access type show. Think Bob Ross in the joy of painting, but with wood working. So if you ever hear us referring to philography, that’s what it means.  



Today’s That Guy was always talks on speakerphone guy. During Jason’s trip down to the valley, he noticed all of his senior-aged cousins all taking calls on speaker phone. Even Papa Dick was guilty. Jason thought this may just be an old people thing, but Deb saw a young girl doing the same. Well, we really don’t want to hear your conversation and Jason and Deb think it’s rude. So, don’t be That Guy.


Image of Deb holding iPhone to look like she is on speakerphone



Today we called Coastal Carolina University Bookstore in Coastal, Carolina to see if they could do a tour and had books to check out for Deb’s nephew enrolling in college. They said in addition to books, they sold clothing and had other items to browse. Although Deb got a “You too”, she couldn't get an I Love You.



Every Wednesday we take it back and read some old tweets from the Dickman’s past.




Set List Game ($7 Worth of Hoobastank)

Does Deb Know Stuff



69-year-old Earle Stevens from Florida got pulled over for drunk driving.

Stevens kept tapping a woman's car in front of him at a drive thru, but when he got pulled over, he said he wasn't drunk driving because he was only taking swigs out of a Jim Beam bottle at stop signs.


George Clooney almost died in an accident in Italy while riding a scooter to set.

When a car pulled out in front of his scooter, he was thrown in the air and shattered his helmet on the car’s windshield. He is okay and recovering at home.


87-year-old Pavel Semenyuk from Ukraine has 346 living descendants, and is applying for the Guinness World Record for having the largest family on earth.



France defeats Belgium 1-0 and advances to the finals.

World Cup Update: England goes up against Croatia. 


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