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Deb Didn’t Get Got After All


Dear Diary, if you remember, exactly three weeks ago, Deb thought she got-got by the Instagram ads after she purchased from an unknown site and hadn’t received any tracking or shipping information weeks later. Just a couple weeks and a sketchy package with Asian lettering later, Deb got her sweater! It came in excellent condition and she even wore it for you all today.



Riot Fest in Chicago is coming up next week and the Dickman just can’t wait for his Chi-town vacay. Jason has even been thinking about things to do while in Chicago like going to see a Cubs game, but turns out he may not even have a play to stay.

After months of planning and some trip fantasizing over the weekend, Jason checked on his AirBnB confirmation and was pleased to know he was charged, deposit and all so he was all set. Unfortunately for Jason, when he went back to the original listing the post was taken down. Of course the Dickman took action and e-mailed the host on Saturday, but since then he hasn’t gotten a response. Did he get-got? With just three days left until the big trip, the Dickman has no currents plans to recourse his stay. Good luck, Jason.  



As you may know, on Friday Nick took a ride share to work after getting into a fender bender that ended his car the day before. Today, Nick is going to an insurance adjuster and questioned how much he should reveal about the G6’s history. If he tells them everything that was wrong with the car before the accident, will that all be covered or just lower the car’s value. Jason recommended he just exercise his Fifth Amendment right and the car insurance expert listeners confirmed the Dickman defense. Just smile and say nothing, Nick.



Today we called Hoover’s Market in Orlando, FL to find some fresh juices for Deb. Deb initiated the conversation by explaining her weekend of getting out some fast food craving and asked what they have or recommend to inspire a fresh start. Hoover’s Market was happy to recommend different bagels, sandwiches and a salad bar, and Deb was sold with the lemon ginger shots. Looks like the inspiration was mutual between the fresh food market and Deb because Hoover’s Market said I Love You Too.  



Help support the people who make Austin the Live Music Capital Of The World with Health Alliance for Austin Musicians!

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians provides healthcare for people in the music industry, and today on HAAM Benefit Day, you can make a donation to HAAM by just shopping at your favorite places, and a portion of what you spend goes straight to the musicians who need it.

Visit the HAAM website to find all participating businesses and events.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick – Today’s geography trivia ended in a tie breaker. Play along and listen to today’s game.  

How Much (Celebrity Net Worth Game) – Listen to today’s famously divorced celebrities trivia. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s football players nicknames trivia. 



Jason and Deb discussed Alex Trebek’s beard debut on Jeopardy! ‘s thirty-fifth season, the Amazon optical illusion T-Shirt that makes your boobs look better, and the Spider-Man PS4 game designers removing a fan’s proposal after receiving word that the fan was dumped.

Check out the before and after video of the optical illusion T-Shirt.


Also, see Alex Trebek’s bearded Instagram debut.



Jason and Deb discussed New York Jets rookie Sam Darnold’s NFL premiere, and Tom Herman’s response to the question about his fan base thinking he is arrogant.

See the Tom Herman interview below.



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