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Deb Cooked A Steak?!

If you have been following along, you know that Blue boy recently had his rear leg amputated and is having a tough time getting adjusted. Part of his recovery and regiment for his cancer treatment has been taking pills. So, Deb usually mixes the pills with Blue’s food to get him to take them, but lately he hasn’t had an appetite. Even mixing the medicine with one of his favorite meals, chicken and rice wasn’t working. Also, Saturday morning Deb realized he was spitting them all out.  Deb took Blue to the vet to see what was wrong with him, and they said his stomach was messed up from the anesthetics and that’s why he hasn’t been eating.

In desperation to get him to eat something, Deb went against her morals while she was grocery shopping, and grabbed the first slab of meat she could find. For the first time in her life, she cooked a steak! Good thing Deb will do anything for Blue boy, because her house smelt like meat for the next thirty-six hours. If you remember, the last time someone even cooked meat in the house was her brother when he came into town to visit and pan seared a steak.

Deb at least had a visual from her brother, but her friend who was in town over the weekend tried the sirloin, and turns out, it wasn’t too shabby for a vegetarian. Deb's hunch was right, Blue boy devoured the steak!


In case you missed the time Deb's brother made steak in her house. 



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Rossie, and he spent his weekend cutting up wood, smoking meat while drinking some brews and moving.

This may sound like déjà vu, but Jason started off his weekend with a dinner date to Komé with Mama Dick. Saturday he fired up the grill and made some fajitas, and Sunday was dedicated to football.

We didn’t have time for Deb’s questions, but a “regular vote against Jason caller” and another listener weighed in and deemed Rossie was mas macho.



Today we called Virginia Book Company in Richmond, VA to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. After a show full of fart jokes, Jason had one more trick up his sleeve when he didn’t remind Deb who he was calling. Jason knew she wasn’t paying attention, so when we called Virginia Book Company Deb said she accidently dialed the wrong number. Virginia Book Company said it’s quite alright, so Deb took a chance and said a quick I Love You, but she got butt-slammed.  



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Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s famous mountains trivia.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s what had happened was… week eight NFL recap trivia.



The viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a sideways burrito was a staged YouTube prank by Yes Theory, thousands are signing a petition to change the date of Halloween to a weekend, and The Simpsons’s Apu may be written out of the show following racial controversy.



The Boston Red Sox win the World Series with a five to one win against the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Longhorns move down to number fifteen in the AP poll following the loss to Oklahoma State, and Mike Gundy made fart noises to describe what he thinks about Twitter.


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