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Deb And Blue's Night On The Green

Last Thursday, Deb took Blue for one last chemotherapy treatment, and the doctor advised Deb to follow up in a week to see if he was making any improvements. Deb has noticed that Blue has been panting and wanting to go outside by himself in the middle of the night. After consulting her friends and the doctors, sadly, these are signs that his health isn’t improving. Rather than holding on for her benefit, Deb just wants Blue to have the best quality of life, so unfortunately this also means she will have less time with her best mate, and has to put him down soon.

As you know, Deb, the best dog Mum in the world would do anything for her Blue boy. So she wanted to do whatever he asked this weekend, even if this meant sleeping in the front yard. Usually, when Blue wants to go outside it’s just to do his business, but recently he has been asking to go outside in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to come back in. Over the weekend, Deb spent not only one, but two nights cuddled up with Blue in her sleeping bag under the stars. Deb’s neighbors may think she is a weirdo, but at least she was able to spend the weekend alongside her Blue boy.



Although we advised everyone to get out and early vote, if you haven’t yet, tomorrow is Election Day! The whole team made an effort to get their votes in early and avoid the long lines, too bad producer Nick didn’t get the memo. Two hours and one straight party ticket later, Nick got his ballot in, and it was well worth it. Listen to Jason and Nick’s voting hacks before the big day on the 9am Podcast.


Check out the polling locations for your county:

Travis County Polling Locations

Wilco Polling Locations

Hayes Counting Polling Locations



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was JP, and he sure had one manly weekend to beat. On Friday, JP and his friend worked on a Dodge radiator and exhaust. Saturday he grilled some steaks and dogs, then Sunday he ended the weekend with the Patriots game.

Jason started off the weekend getting his early vote in, and was dragged to see Kevin Hart with Dave B Friday night. Saturday he took Mama Dick to her first ever Longhorns game. Just to clarify, this is the same game where he tried to persuade his mom into stealing a golf cart. Sunday was also dedicated to football for the Dickman, and he and Nick spent the day fantasy drafting, eating pizza and drinking some brews.

Even though voting is cool and we all agreed stealing that golf cart wasn’t a bad idea, the listeners called to weigh in. With one vote for Beto and another for the listener, JP’s weekend was mas macho.



After learning that Jason almost stole a golf cart this weekend, we called Casper’s Carts in Vineland, NY to learn more about carts and see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb questioned Casper’s Carts about the price ranges for carts. Luckily for Deb and her retired parents, they had everything she could think of in stock. Casper’s Carts had everything from classic carts, to a ten-thousand dollar upgraded lime green golf cart with chrome wheels. Too bad Casper’s Carts had no love for Deb today, and couldn’t upgrade a butt-slam to an I Love You Too.  



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s mother goose rhymes trivia.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s what had happened was… week nine in the NFL trivia.



According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, putting your Christmas decorations up early makes you happier.

Pete Davidson is being criticized for his 'Saturday Night Live' joke about Navy SEAL congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw.


Just a half an hour before Davidson addressed he and Ariana Grande’s breakup on SNL, the singer released a new song called "Thank You, Next" about her exes.

Mario Segale, the real-life inspiration behind Nintendo’s ‘Mario’ is dead at 84.



Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas #87 of the Houston Texans on the field during warm ups before a game against the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos trade wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to the Houston Texans.

The Cleveland Browns take a thirty-seven to twenty-one loss over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite the Longhorns’ loss to West Virginia, Texas holds on to the number fifteen ranking in the AP poll.

The San Antonio Spurs faced a one-hundred and seventeen to one-hundred and ten loss against the Orlando Magic.

The Boston Red Sox stars spent five-hundred thousand dollars on champagne in an LA nightclub in celebration of their World Series victory.

The New Orleans Saints’ Michael Thomas replicates ex-Saints wide receiver Joe Horn's famous cellphone celebration after their win over the Los Angeles Rams.


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