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Deb’s Science Project

Deb scored some vegan tamales during her meals on wheels run yesterday, and went searching in her refrigerator for some dipping sauce. She thought sour cream would be tasty, and luckily Deb already had some in her fridge but when she opened up the container there were “magnificent” spores growing. Most people might think spores and biology is gross, but Deb was amazed by this marvelous work of nature.


If you’re into science and stuff, check out the photos below.

Spores growing from sour cream.


Spores growing from sour cream.



Un-matches You On Bumble Guy, don’t be That Guy. If you remember, Jason has been down this road before with his long loss match Giggly Skin. It’s been about ten months since his first un-match heartbreak, but this time he has already been on two dates with the Bumblina. After Jason told us about his successful second date yesterday, Deb wanted to check her out and when Jason tried to pull up her profile he noticed she was no longer a match. Jason immediately thought this meant she was still swiping, but when he confronted her about it turned out she was just ready to be off the app. This is getting pretty serious.



Today we called Tamales El Patio in Oklahoma City, OK to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had any vegan tamales, and to translate she said they mostly have meat options, but they also have a cheese and pepper substitute they could prepare for Deb. Get this, Deb somehow did the entire I Love You Call in Spanish, and Tamales El Patio had plenty of amor for Deb today because she got an I Love You Too.



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According to U.S. News & World Report Austin, Texas, is the number one best place to live.

An Uber driver dropped their passenger at the airport, then returned to their house to rob them.  

A three year old boy repeatedly entered the wrong password on his Dad’s iPad so many times locking it until 2067.



Dirk Nowitzki #41 of the Dallas Mavericks reacts after announcing that he played his last home game at American Airlines Center on April 09, 2019 in Dallas, Texas.

Magic Johnson steps down as the Los Angeles Lakers' president of basketball operations.

Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki officially announced his retirement.

Ludacris will headline Longhorn City Limits’ postgame concert as part of ‘Made in Austin Weekend’ on April 13th.

A Jeopardy! Contestant wins a record-breaking $110,914 in honor of his daughter's birthday.

The XFL is planning to have three-point tries, and two-point overtime shootouts.



Photo Credit: Shutterstock Images 

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