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Deb’s Bumble Update: A Tale of Two Tales

Yesterday Deb told us she had a Bumble date, and if he was cool and they ended up having chemistry, she would invite him to a movie premiere afterwards.

Well, they met up as planned for a drink and a bite at one of her favorite Bumble date spots, and the conversation was nice, he was good looking and it was going smoothly.

Deb already conditionally discussed the movie premiere afterwards with her date. So, when the lunch was coming to an end he popped the big question: Am I invited to your premiere later? Deb said Yes!

When Deb and her date arrived to the event, things were all well until Deb got a call from her vet.

If you remember, earlier this week Blue had to get an MRI, and the vet called with the sad news that they found a tumor in Blue.

After the bad news it was impossible for Deb to hide her tears. Her date was accommodating and got her a drink, but of course she was ready to head home.

The date could have taken a turn for the worse, but after leaving the event they continued to hang out and it ended well. The date comforted Deb during her time in need, and they even exchanged numbers which means he received the Deb stamp of approval.

Feel better Blue! 



Jason has had it with all the pesky “bing-bongers”.

It all started about three weeks ago. Jason got a bing-bong, checked his front camera and there were two ladies in dresses standing outside. So, he sees the two young-ish women in business attire drenched in sweat and answers the door, and when he answered, they said they were there on the behalf of Direct TV.

If you’re not caught up with Jason’s relationship with Direct TV, when he switched over, the installation guys came and left a big hole in his wall and caused a roof leak that they still haven’t fixed. So, Jason thought they must be there to fix the hole although they didn’t seem like they were in hole-fixing attire. Well, they were just there to try and sell him more Direct TV.  

This already seemed suspect so far, but something similar also happened right after Jason initially signed up for Direct TV. He got a call asking if he wanted to pay two months in advance for a gift card and some free services, but after feeling a little weary of the phone number and long list of terms, he hung up, googled the number, and it was a scam!

So, were those other bing-bonging ladies scammers as well?

Two days ago, Jason heard some bing-bongs that turned into pounding at door and there were two more professionally-dressed sweaty people from Spectrum trying to sell him cable. Again.

So, selling cable door-to-door must be a thing, and clearly they’re all out to get the Dickman.  



Today we called South End Buttery in Boston to see if they had any vegan treats. After being placed on hold for a bit and enjoying some classical tunes, they only had regular and no vegan pastries. Well, South End Buttery was so nice, they even made sure to ask Deb if there was anything else they could help with. Unfortunately they could help Deb with anything other than an I Love You Too.



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A seventy-three year old woman shoots and kills an alligator to get revenge for it killing her miniature horse, Batman goes full nude in DC's mature comic line, and Sony is launching a PlayStation Classic console this December loaded with twenty games.


Check out the size of that alligator! That’s one tough grandma.



Members of Maroon 5 walk the runway

Maroon 5 will reportedly perform at the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, LeBron James selects 'Black Panther's' Ryan Coogler to produce Space Jam 2, Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban agrees to contribute ten million dollars to women's causes after workplace investigations, and Eagles Jordan Matthews thanks Buffalo for his baby.


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