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Dear Diary, What Is This Creature?!


Calling all professionals or wannabe bug experts! Can you help Deb identify this unknown species? Thankfully Deb’s San Antonio Guy was there to help exterminate the creature before she had to see it, but he and Deb found this creepy insect in her bedroom yesterday! The picture makes it look a lot less intimidating, but this insect had hair, long legs and was the size of Deb’s palm! Deb has always been creeped out by spiders and creepy crawlers, but these Texas bugs are just getting out of hand. 


Apparently it bites! See the insect for yourself.

Image of a big Deb found in her house.

(Warning: this photo may cause you to squeal and drop your phone.)



Speaking of critters, Jason too found a creepy crawler in his house, but it was a “Kirby”! If you don’t know, that’s a cockroach. They’re usually confined to his bathroom, but this time he found it in his kitchen, so he too might need a special visit. Well, after Babe Ruth-ing that Kirby, the softball injury on his wrist is even worse. You should have just stretched Dickman, but at least that cucaracha is gone!



Chinese New Year Photoshop.

Happy Chinese New Year from the Morning X! 2019 is the year of the pig, and we have two pig producers. Deb is a tiger and Jason is a rooster, or cock as he likes to call it. What is your Chinese New year zodiac?



Today we called XO Kitchen in New York, NY to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb was first confused and thought Jason was calling a kitchen store, but XO Kitchen was a restaurant serving up Dum sim all day long. Even after wishing XO Kitchen a happy Chinese New Year, Deb still got butt-slammed. The year of the pig must not be Deb’s year.



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Willie Nelson launches line of hemp-infused coffee.

Maroon 5’s Super Bowl halftime show has driven album sales up by four-hundred and thirty four percent.

Fox news anchor Dana Perino’s photo of her Super Bowl Chili’s inspired queso has gone viral.


Calling all Adidas and Game Of Thrones fans! If you’re obsessed with Adidas like Deb and her San Antonio guy, the Game Of Thrones Adidas Ultra Boost collection has just been revealed. Deb likes the two white pairs, check them out for yourself below!

Game Of Thrones Adidas Ultra Boost collection.

Photo Credit:



Data shows Super Bowl LIII draws the lowest TV audience in more than a decade.

‘The World’s Best’ debut receives the biggest post–Super Bowl audience since 2012.

The San Antonio Spurs lost 127 to 112 against the Sacramento Kings.

LaVar Ball says he wants Lonzo Ball to play for Suns, and not the Pelicans. Trade rumors also speculate that the Pelicans' patience with Anthony Davis could be bad news for Lakers.


If you’re still depressed about the Super Bowl being terrible, we’ve got good news! The Bad Lip Reading guys have a new NFL video. Check it out below.



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