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Dear Diary, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Christmas?

On this week’s edition of Deb’s Diary, she needed to vent about San Antonio guy already planning for Christmas. Apparently, he wants to get a lifesize buddy the elf inflatable for the front yard. Deb hates inflatable Christmas decorations because they look tacky. Deb would rather go the lazy route and get on of those laser light machines that shine lots of tiny lights on your house. After hearing Buddy the Elf mentioned, Jason disclosed that he has never seen Elf. What kind of millennial hasn’t seen the iconic Christmas movie for millennials? Come on, Jason time to get with the times! 



Today during the I Love You Call we called Underground Coffee in South Carolina. Not only did they have alternative milk options for Deb, they also had a “love you too” for her! After they hung up Deb was so excited that the Carolina in her jumped out. Carolina is probably related to Chorizo Babadook somehow but is her trashier relative. Carolina always has a beer in her hand and loves Nascar. You can check out the 9 am podcast during the I Love You Call to hear Carolina’s guest appearance. 


1-Hour Photo 

Today Producer Katy asked as Jason called it “an adorable 23-year-old question.” She asked where to get the film developed from a disposable camera. Over the weekend, Producer Katy went to a wedding in Wisconsin and took pictures with a disposable camera. She wants to make a wedding scrapbook for the bride and groom with the pictures. Everywhere she was looking online said it would take several days but she needs them relatively soon otherwise it will be an extremely late wedding gift! She asked the wise minds of Jason, Deb and Nick who remembered the days of 1-hour photo labs but apparently those don’t exist anymore. 



Hayley Bieber mocked a video of Taylor Swift post Lasik eye surgery.

A post on Facebook went viral after a mom encouraged her affluential neighborhood to give out better candy on Halloween. 

3 men were arrested after reselling ACL wristbands several times. 



The Browns lost terribly to the 49ers during Monday Night Football. 

Lincoln Riley, coach of Oklahoma says his players will not be flashing the “horns down” gesture at the Red River Showdown against UT on Saturday.

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