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Damn You Chicken Fajitas!

Jason Dick has returned from a fever of one-hundred and nine!

This Wednesday, Jason felt a fever coming on, so he took some Tylenol and whole bunch of random orange pills from his sick box. He thought the pills may be Dayquil, but after feeling a little drowsy during his shift he realized it may be more. He didn’t know exactly what made him sick, but he did consider a couple factors.

He learned that his roommate’s girlfriend had strep throat, although since his roommate wasn’t sick he ruled that out. There was also the new edition to the household, Waffles the pup. He has new puppy germs, but he also didn’t think that was it. But then, Jason remembered that the day before, he got chicken fajitas through a drive through from a restaurant that… doesn’t specialize in fajitas. They also took suspiciously long to come out. The symptoms he was feeling reminded him of the last time he had food poisoning so that definitely had to be it.  Jason had a DQA, and questioned if it was possible that his body could be falling apart because he is getting older. He has already had food poisoning twice this year now, so he wondered if his age is making him more susceptible. Deb recommended he should change his diet like she has been telling him to do so for years, but that wasn’t an option for Jason. He decided the lesson learned was the he would no longer branch out with his fast food choices.



Jon from Nu Wash washing Deb's Car

Earlier this week, Deb tried to run her most dreaded errand of going to the car wash, and just her luck, Austin must have been in a drought at that time because all of the car washes she tried to go to were closed. So today, Nu Wash came to the studio to clean Deb’s car inside and out, and they were so official, they even brought a cap light to make sure both sides were evenly clean. Just like Deb likes it. Thank you Nu Wash for making Deb’s car squeaky clean!

Nu Wash is local to Austin, and they only uses one-half gallon of water and eco-friendly chemicals for each wash. The mobile carwash company also comes to your office, apartment, or home! Check them out at or contact then by calling (512) 387-3005.

Use the code 101x for a free first exterior wash.

Deb and Jon from NuWash



Every Friday Deb picks out someone or something to be her C Of The Week. Sometimes it’s a jovial C and sometimes it’s a legitimate C. Today’s C was Deb’s labrum. Almost a year ago, Deb found out she had a torn labrum, so she’s been having to do a lot of physical therapy. Unfortunately, issues with Deb’s labrum also means that she experiences pain in other muscles like her neck and leg. The pain was starting to come back and has just been making her grumpy all week, so she went to NeuFit so they could work the pain out of her muscles. She started feeling better after the NeuFit treatment, but she was awaken at the crack of dawn by her bad leg ache. Because its back, Deb’s labrum is the C of the week.



Today we called Le Gourmet Break in Orlando, Florida to see if they any mimosas and brunch items for Deb and her crew. Le Gourmet Break did have “all” food options, but this call was harshly straight to the point and they had no love for Deb today.



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