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Crying Over Football and Emo Covers

This week at the UT v. LSU game during the 4th quarter it seemed unlikely that Texas could pull off a win. So much so that it had a young fan in tears. Unfortunately for the kid the camera guys found him and put him on screen not once, but went back several times filming him bawling. Jason is wondering who is the bigger A-hole: the kid who was having a complete meltdown over a very early in the season football game or the camera guys/ producers who kept giving him screen time. Tweet at us @jasonanddeb and let us know who you think the bigger A-Hole is.

Jason wanted to clarify that it is okay to cry and wasn't shaming the crying UT kid for crying, just that he was crying over a football game. In fact, Jason admitted that there was a new cover of a Dashboard Confessional song by Ruston Kelly that he hadn't been able to get through without shedding a tear. What do you think, do the ethereal voices and calmness make this one a tear-jerker?


Quien Es Mas Macho 

Today we played what might be the last Quien Es Mas Macho ever, but maybe not. Over the weekend listener, Daniel worked a 12 hour day, built a fan and went to a Kiss concert with his daughter. Jason watched several hours of college and professional football, ate 19 tacos and premiered the Nick and Dick Football show with Dave B. on Sunday night. Who do you think had the more macho weekend?



The U.S. is experiencing a shortage of White Claw.

The new iPhone is being announced tomorrow. 

Tool overtook Taylor Swift’s #1 debut spot.


The Cowboys started the season with a dominating win over the Giants. 

The Longhorns lost to LSU this weekend. 

Antonio Brown signed with the Patriots almost immediately after his release from the Raiders. 

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