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Could Jason Take On A Police Dog?

If you watched the New Orleans game this weekend, chances are you saw a commercial showing Saints running back Mark Ingram getting tackled by a military dog.  The whole thing was part of the NFL’s Veterans Day celebration. #Never Forget. This lead Jason to proclaim that he could take on a police dog and wouldn’t’ get thrown to the ground.  Luckily Deb follows a Williamson County Sheriff on Twitter, who was happy to get on the phone and weigh in on Jason’s claims.  Sheriff Robert Chody did explain that the military dog was able to throw around Mark Ingram because he was running away from the dog and Jason is widely-known for his ability to not run.  But clearly there’s only one way settle this, mano a doggo.

Coincidentally you can get an up close look at Jason’s competition Wednesday, 28th where Sheriff Chody and the K9 unit will be out at Williamson County Regional Park doing a meet and greet with the community. They’ll be there from 4-6pm and will be doing demonstrations and taking donations for the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.  Follow Sheriff Chody on Twitter where he’ll have more details to come.



A Mostly-Positive Blue Update:

By now most of you are familiar with the health issues Deb’s dog Blue is dealing with.  Sadly he has multiple kinds of cancer, and at this point, Deb is focused on giving him the best quality of life for the time he had remaining.  As you can imagine this has been very hard on her.  Last week was extremely tough and she was worried he wouldn’t make it through the weekend. While things got especially grim on Saturday night, Blue was doing much better Sunday.  He was even feeling well enough to come to work with Deb today after missing all of last week.  Hopefully his health continues to trend upwards and Deb will still have some more time with her beloved Blue boy. 

Also if you haven’t done so Listener Sara is still selling enamel pins with Blue’s face on them.  You can order yours here and help raise money for families of animals fighting cancer.


Quien Es Mas Macho:

Even though it’s been years since Jason actually did anything manly, every Monday we still aim to find out who had a more Macho weekend between Jason and the listeners.  Today we had Blake call in to tell us about taking his young son hunting for the first time. Usually any type of outdoor activity is enough to take down Jason, and this week proved no different. Jason spent Friday night taking his mom out to a fancy dinner at a Round Rock Brazilian steak house.  Somehow he managed to sneak in a quick poker session that did not go so well.  If you happened to be at the Lodge Poker Club & Card House on Friday night, yes that was Jason firing bullets until his chamber was empty. The rest of Jason’s weekend was spent watching his Longhorns and Cowboys play football, and he even found time to make up with his friend Kenny after almost letting a petty fantasy football argument break them up. Funnily enough we forgot to take votes from the listeners, but we gave Blake the tickets since we all know who was mas macho this week.


I Love You Call:

In a stunning display of empathy Jason did the unthinkable over the weekend and popped in to Deb’s house to visit Blue.  He brought some wine for Deb, which was greatly appreciated, and some doggie treats for Blue.  Unfortunately Blue has a sophisticated pallet and Jason bought trash treats.  So we decided to call the Wag N Wash Natural Food & Bakery in Jersey and see if they had something better suited to Blue’s tastes. We talked to Emily informed us they were the Whole Foods of pet products and could definitely help us out. Unfortunately it seems they were sold out I Love Yous for Deb.



Thanks to the folks at Buzzfeed we now know who the Sexiest Man NOT Alive is. Click to see who topped the list.


The Toy Hall of Fame announced what three toys will be inducted in the 2018 class.  Will this finally be chalk’s year?


And Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw went on Saturday Night Live so Pete Davidson could apologize for making fun of his eye patch.



The Cowboys managed to beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football.  But Jason isn’t letting his Cowboys suck him into thinking they still have a chance at the playoffs.


Disgraced Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith accused Longhorns coach Tom Herman of cheating on his wife in another Twitter meltdown.   


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