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Can Deb Eat A Mushroom She Found In Her Yard?

Now that her kitchen remodel is practically done, Deb has switched from sprucing up the inside of her house to taking care of some yardwork.  In between SAWZALL-ing branches and going Arya Stark on her hackberry tree with the machete, she managed to take this picture of a weird fungus growing from a tree stump in her yard.  While it may look like some alien-infestation is taking place on the O’Keefe property, Deb couldn’t help but wonder if these mushrooms were edible.  While one listener did tweet in that it looked like a Hen-of-the-wood mushroom and would make a nice soup, most went with the tried and true advice to not eat weird mushrooms that grow in the wild.  So sadly there will be no Super Deb-rio Bros anytime soon.  Get you some fungicide girl!


Game Of Thrones Admits Their Goof

HBO has admitted the Starbucks coffee cup that managed to make it into Sunday’s episode was indeed a mistake and not Westeros’ first franchise.  Apparently they’ve even already digitally removed it from the episode.  But there’s still these HBO endorsed bloopers for you to enjoy.



Mama Dick Wants A Doodle

a stock photo of an australian shepard poodle mix dogIt wasn’t just Jason and Deb that had to deal with losing their beloved canine companions last year, Mama Dick also had to say goodbye to her mini-Schnauzer.  But it appears she has mourned long enough and is ready to get back in the saddle of dog-ownership once again.  She found a Doodle rescue place up in Dallas that she’s applied to but they keep passing her up for other doggie-dopters.  Mama Dick thinks she’s being discriminated against because she lives in Round Rock.  Jason thinks she’s not doing a good enough job of selling herself.  If you know of a place nearby where Mama Dick can adopt a doodle dog let us know!


The Most Offensive Basketball Jason’s Ever Seen

The Houston Rockets evened their series with the Warriors last night, beating Golden State 112 to 108.  Jason thinks this series is the greatest display of offensive basketball ever.  But he’s clearly forgetting these sick moves… 



Also, Draymond Green almost flopped his way into a concussion.


Blink 182 And Lil Wayne Mash-Up

In anticipation of their upcoming tour together, Blink 182 and Lil Wayne have released a mash-up of their hits, “What’s My Age Again” and “A Milli”.  Check it out and stay tuned it to find out how you can win tickets for their show at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. Like perhaps this Friday.


Major League Bees

Yesterday, the start of the Cincinnati Reds game against the San Francisco Giants had to be delayed for 18 minutes due to bees. We couldn't get actual footage from the ballpark, but we imagine it went something like this...


Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are Back

Thanks to Chance the Rapper!


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